Friday, October 31, 2008


I really don't like Halloween... but this year I put more into it than usual. Maybe it was the warm weather, maybe it was because my kids love it and this year my four year old finally got into it... We had 217 kids come to our door and Abby and her friends stayed home to hand out candy. After more time out due to the warmer than usual weather, we now have way too much candy in this house! After the trick or treating was done and the sugar high began, Micah sliced his head open on our rock pillars, so Tim had to suture him on the kitchen island. I really don't like Halloween... and I am glad it is over for another year!

Precious Moments

Micah had a rough night last night. He wakes up scared there are monsters under his bed. All my kids went through this at this age. I found him at midnight, sleeping on the chair in Eli's room and I just couldn't leave him there when all he wanted was to come and sleep with me. I took him to our bed, much to my husbands dismay! He snuggled right up against my chest, with his face in my neck and held onto my arm with his two little hands. He stayed like that all night and I had the worst sleep I had had in a long time, but I find these moments so precious and I want to savour them! He is four, and soon enough he won't want to cuddle anymore...

I found myself glad that he won't be my last and there will be moments like this again!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why Adoption

In April 2007, while attending a ladies morning out program, an advocate from Compassion Canada came and spoke to us about international adoption.   While sitting there, God spoke very clearly to me and told me "It is time".

I immediately went home and began researching international adoption and Christian Adoption Services.  I very quickly was led to adoption in China and it instantly felt like the right place to be looking.

It took me five days to talk to Tim about what I was feeling, but when I did he was more open to it than I had expected him to be.  (I had been praying for five days for God to open his heart to what I had to say).  My prayers were answered.  Tim took a few days of praying and thinking, and his heart was opened and he and I could be completely excited about this together!

I have always felt we would adopt at some point.  It was something we talked about doing "someday" quite often.   After having four kids, it felt like we should be done.  God had other plans for our family... The moment he told me it was time, I felt ready in every way and knew there was an empty spot in my heart for this new little girl.

The wait time is almost unbearable...   We were logged in the regular program September 25, 2007 and slowly the wait time grew and grew and it looked possible we wouldn't see our daughter until 2015!   In May 2008, we switched to the waiting child program (meaning we will accept a child with a minor special need) and we were instantly comfortable with our decision and all it would entail.  We were told at that time that our wait would be about a year.   In July, CCAA changed the way they did the waiting child program and we found out that suddenly we were at the "top of the list".   Since then there have been a few bumps which were very hard to deal with, but we know that we will see our daughter in God's perfect timing.

Our children pray for their sister every night and my four year old asks when God will put the baby in China in my tummy!   It is hard enough for me to figure out this process, let alone a four year old...

And so, we continue to wait to see our daughter's face.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Quilt

I had seen a quilt that I loved for another baby girl adopted from China and then I found this "China Doll" fabric, so I asked my mom to make a quilt for my little girl. She did an amazing job and I am sure our daughter will love it. It is beautiful and means so much that my mom made it and my grandparents tied it. She also made a smaller version for us to send in our care package once we know who our daughter is...

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I have started this blog as a way of sharing with friends and family, many who are bloggers as well, how our adoption process is going, as well as what is going on day to day in our lives.

Through this very long adoption process, blogs have been something that I have turned to for information and inspiration.   My hope is that this blog can be that for others as well.   Our life is pretty amazing and we are so blessed with all that we have been given.

We expect to see our daughter's face soon.   It may be months before we get to hold her yet, but she is out there waiting for us.   I have endured this wait with others and have started to see as they have seen their children, it is hard, but I know it will happen for us too.

Meanwhile, we wait...