Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Knife Self Defense

Josiah and I (tim) attended a weekend Tien Lung Tae Kwon Do seminar.

Most seminars around the country and world are about 4 hours and cost
$150 (here anyway).
Ours was about $100 and we had 15 hours of instruction from instructors
who have been involved for more than 18 years each.
Tiring for sure but the experience was incredible and can't be found elsewhere.

Josiah wears his knife self defense shirt with pride. We used red markers as the knife
and got "marked" as we learned to observe how the attackers body would move for
different types of slashes and then learned ways to block these attacks.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Finding Ad

We received Lilah's finding ad today. It was published in the Yangcheng Evening News on July 13, 2007. Every orphanage in China must run a advertisement for the children that are found and brought to their orphanage and these are called "finding ads".

Mao Xin En was one month old when she was found at the front gate of the library in the Maoming Culture Square. She was wrapped in white cloth and was in a red duffle bag. She was left in a very public spot where she would be found quickly. The fact that she was one month old, tells me that her birth mother loved her and longed to keep her, but knew that she wasn't able to provide the care that was needed. This is the earliest picture we will ever have of our daughter.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lilah gets her care package


Attached are several pictures we took today when we went to give Xin En her care package from her family. It was a beautiful warm day so we sat outside in front of the foster family’s home to open the care package. Neighbors came over to see Xin En and what was in her care package. They were especially interested in the photo album. The last picture is Xin En “blowing” you a kiss. Xin En was very talkative today!

Xin En is being held by her foster mother and the other person in the picture is Katrina, Director of TCH. Katrina read your letter to the foster mother. The questions that we can answer we will be working on. Several of the questions the orphanage will answer for you on adoption day.

Take Care,


P.S. There is not a picture attached but Xin En liked the Valentines.

It looks like she is wondering "what is all this stuff" and "who are these people"... I am pretty confident that the foster mother will try to prepare her for the change ahead, but how can a 21 month old child really understand that such a dramatic life change is about to happen to her! I pray that God will prepare her heart for us, that she won't be too confused the next couple of months, as I am sure she "feels" something is about to happen. I also pray for her foster family who loves her and will soon have to give her up, I hope they understand that it is for her best interest to have a forever family and that that thought will make it somewhat easier.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Review Room

On February 11, 2009 our status changed from assessing to approved. This means that the CCAA (China Centre of Adoption Affairs) approved of our Letter of Intent for Mao Xin'en. When we received our referral we had to write a letter stating that we want to adopt this child, that we understood her condition and show the plan that we have for her ongoing medical care. The CCAA will now review our dossier which they have had since September 25, 2007. This usually takes a couple of months. They will then send us a Letter Seeking Confirmation that we still want to adopt Xin'en, we will sign it and send it back. We will wait for our travel approval and then our coordinator will arrange our travel to go and get her! The adoption will be finalized in Guangdong, the province where she resides.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All babies come from China

My kids were sitting around not too long ago, talking about something that our family had done a couple of years ago, and Micah and I had this conversation.

Micah: "Was I born yet?"
Me: "No."
Micah: "Where was I?"
Me: "You weren't yet."
Micah: "Was I in your tummy?"
Me: "No."
Micah: (sighing) "Was I still in China?"

The adoption thing is difficult to explain to someone so young! We have had this conversation before, except in the last line Micah said "Was I just a twinkle in daddy's eye?" Got to love the things that come out of little children's mouths!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Care Package

Today I sent a care package to Lilah. It was a lot of fun to put this together and we hope that she will love everything in it! It included a Magnolia doll, a small cuddle blanket that is the same as a larger one that will be in her room, a photo album of our family, socks, a disposable camera, a touch and feel book, chocolates and tea for her foster family and the kids each added a valentine's day card.

I also included a letter to True Children's Home with many questions and a letter to the foster family to let them know how excited we are to have her join our family!

Friday, February 6, 2009

New pictures of Lilah!

I am told that Lilah talks a lot (she should get along great with Abby and Eli). She can name all the members of her foster family. She likes to say hello to the neighbors. On the phone she will ask "chi fang mei?" (Have you had dinner/lunch?) and then will hang up the phone saying "mao tong ni gang" (That's all, I am finished/ I have nothing else to say to you). She speaks very clearly. They said she speaks 3-5 words in chinese, I am assuming that most of her communication is in the local dialect.

She definitely looks like a healthy, active toddler! And very happy too!

This picture was taken at the True Children's Home Chinese New Year Celebration with all the foster children and foster mothers. Lilah was given a new red outfit as a gift.

I love this picture! I am glad to see her in a carrier, since I plan to carry her around in one for the first couple of weeks for attachment!

She has been healthy other than the usual childhood sicknesses.

During the day she is potty trained and will say "O Di Di" or "O Be" when she needs to go to the bathroom. I guess these better be two phrases I remember! She wears diapers at night. She drinks from a bottle, which I am glad to hear, because it will also help with the attachment process. She likes meat soup and does not really care for fruit.

She is 19.8 lbs. and 29.5 inches tall.

She has eight teeth, four on the top and four on the bottom.

I can hardly wait to hold her and put her in something pink!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A New Look

I had my blog redone by Nikki at Blogs for a Cause. I had seen some of the blogs she had done for others and I think the humanitarian work she does is amazing! Nikki had sent us congratulations via the TCH yahoo group that we are apart of and so I logged onto her website and there I saw a picture of Lilah! Her charity of the month for January was True Children's Home, so how could we not support that!

We love our new look! Thanks Nikki!