Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blood Tests

So Lilah's pediatrician called me this morning to let us know that all her blood work looked good. Her immunizations in China were all good and she only needs to get her chicken pox done. The one thing that did show up is that she is severely anemic. The doctor wants her put onto iron therapy drops immediately. The interesting thing is that she said that some of the side affects of anemia are restlessness, irritability and trouble sleeping. HMMMMMM...... Even though we know a lot of her sleep issues stem from her past and the trauma she has gone through, I am curious to see if this diagnosis and now putting her on the iron she needs makes any difference...

The other day we spent the morning at the zoo with my friend Monica and her two beautiful children (also adopted from China) and it was great to have someone to talk to about the hard issues with adoption. We could relate on many levels!

We then went to McDonald's where we met up with another adoption friend, Jody and three of her children. Her five year old daughter was just brought home from Ethiopia. The adoption community is amazing and I have made some really great friends throughout this process. It is great to spend more time with each of them in person. Jody and I also had a great and honest conversation and I hope we will get together again soon!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


This weekend my sister and her children came up to visit for a few days. We thought it would be a good idea for her three kids to meet Lilah before we go camping together next week. Annika, my niece, had already met Lilah when she first came home, but was very happy to play with her again!

It was a very relaxing time and we got a lot of planning done. We managed to get a picture of the kids quickly (Abby didn't want to be in it and Josiah is at camp) before all chaos broke loose...


Then everyone went inside, but Lilah decided to stay put.

I managed to get another smile out of her for one more picture.

And one day we decided to see if Lilah could manage staying up all day without a nap and this is what happened at supper...

I have to post this picture of Josiah and Lilah because I think it is precious!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Adding Josiah

Since I forgot a picture of Josiah and people are wondering if I forgot he was my child as well.... I didn't forget--- here he is!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

The last five days our family went camping in Pembina River (1 1/2 hours west of Edmonton) and we weren't really sure how Lilah would react to going away that long -- but she loved every second of it!

Ready to raft down the river for three hours!

Playing in the mud on the river bank

The trailer ran out of water, but the dish washing basin worked fine!

And the smores are pretty tasty!

Lilah loved jumping on our raft

Micah and Lilah happy together

And our other kids... Micah loved the ramps

Abby took her friend Courtney with us because they had to go to camp on Monday

Sweet Eli...