Sunday, August 23, 2009

Enjoying some summer

Eli had a sleepover at a friends house and was laying on the sidewalk, when his friend, somehow, ran into his head, dragging his face along the sidewalk. Luckily he was wearing a helmet. I really don't know how kids survive! It is accidents like this that make me realize all the bad things that can happen in a split second, altering your lives forever.

We live on a lake and so Micah has to wear a lifejacket if he even wants to go onto our dock. He decided it was easier to just leave it on, even when playing in the sandbox.

Lilah loves her pool! Now that she seems to have more body fat, she also doesn't get as cold as quickly.

Hanging out with Micah in the sandbox.

Lilah's pool has some stacking rings, she prefers to wear them on her head!

It feels like summer is winding down. We are trying to just relax and take advantage of the warm weather and having no schedule for the next week and a bit. We are heading out for one more camping trip this coming weekend with my parents. Looking forward to it, but also to Fall (it is my favorite time of year) and a routine once again!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Gotta Feeling

Lilah loves music and dancing and her favorite songs are by the Black Eyed Peas. She wanders the house singing either one of these songs every day, and if the song comes on the radio she dances and sings. I think she has some talent in these areas!

She has slept through the night for the past week! She goes to sleep with little fuss, for both naps and bedtime and I must say I function much better because of it! We are working on the potty issues and that is getting better as well. She is still stubborn when it comes to eating her fruits and vegetables, she will eat a ton of something one day and then the next will refuse to try even one bite and she will hold it in her mouth for as long as an hour. Screaming like we are torturing her... She hates strawberries, but loves blueberries, bananas, apples, pears (when she feels like it). She hates beets, but loves beans, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, peas (when she feels like it).

She is a total girly girl. She loves to dress up pretty, have her toenails painted and do her hair. She loves her baby dolls and gives them many kisses and then zips them into the plastic diaper bag to carry around the house! She loves shopping (probably more than me) and loves when I buy her something new. Yesterday, she wore her new boots around the house all day and was excited to show everyone what she had gotten.

All in all, we are having happier days with less battles and stress. I am looking forward to the kids heading back to school and getting into a routine again. Just me and Lilah.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Slide Show

We had a great 2 weeks together as a family camping and spending some time with both our families and some friends...seems like summer is over and it just started. I am hoping to enjoy one more weekend with our family before the kids are back in school. Work is full steam ahead amidst a full 'slow down', those two just don't go together for me - tim

I guess you have to pause the music at the bottom (First, before you start the video scroll all the way to the bottom, yes it is a long way down, Then pause the music, Now, scroll all the way back and start the video...sorry thats the best I've got)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting used to a two year old...

It really hasn't been that long since we've had a two year old in our house. All of our children are three years apart and Lilah fits right into that timeline. But yet, I seem to have forgotten some of the things that two year olds do... Such as following me around everywhere I go. I go downstairs to get something, she follows, it takes 10X longer to get back up. Going into the pantry to get something, she follows, shutting her in there when I leave, or hitting her in the head with the door as I exit! Trying to cook with someone hanging onto your legs. Trying to go to the bathroom and having her banging on the door wanting in. Turning around and tripping over her numerous times throughout the day.... On one hand it is all kind of cute, on the other hand, it gets a little frustrating!

People have been asking how Lilah has been sleeping... I think things have improved due to a number of different things. She has been on iron now for awhile, so that may have helped. She has been with us for over two months and seems much more comfortable and secure in her new surroundings, including her own bedroom and bed. She is learning that both her mommy and daddy can be just a stubborn as she can, and she cannot always win the battles. We were camping for two weeks and she slept in the bed next to ours and when she woke up we would tell her to go back to sleep, and she did without crying. She even slept through the night a few times. It seems very hit and miss right now... sometimes she wakes up many times and other times she will sleep through the night. Sometimes I can put her down and she will go to sleep quietly on her own and other times she will scream. But all in all, it is improving.

I always knew there was a reason God gave me a child like Eli, I just didn't know what that reason was. Now I believe it was to prepare me for Lilah. I knew if I could handle Eli, I could handle anything. (Eli is much better than he used to be, and I love him with all my heart and wouldn't change one thing about his strong personality). Lilah also has a very strong personality, and when she is happy and content, it is awesome to watch her. When she is angry or doesn't want to do something, it makes us a little crazy. There is a lot of the battle of the wills going on right now. Tim and I were discussing this the other night, trying to figure out why she acts the way she acts sometimes -- it is all a guessing game since we missed the first two years of her life -- and we think it is a combo of just a stubborn personality (which I DO prefer over a child with a passive personality) and that we don't think she was ever told "no" before. It seems like she doesn't understand why we would say no to anything, she doesn't understand why we would discipline her for her actions, she doesn't understand why we won't just let her eat meat and bread every meal. This child is extremely bright, she understands everything we say and is speaking more in english than cantonese now. She talks in three word sentences and copies everything we say!

This may sound like a fairly negative post, but it is just reality in our house right now. We love this child, she is beautiful and precious and we know without a doubt that God chose her for us. She is the perfect fit.

But she is two!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home from Holidays

We just got back from two weeks of vacation. It was a great holiday and we did many fun things with the kids. The first week we spent just as a family in Cypress Hills, Sask. and it was awesome to just be us and to do things like hiking, riding bikes, swimming, etc. together. We did one 10 KM bike ride out to a lookout point to take pictures of our family and these of just Mama and Lilah!

My five children...

All of us together!

I have many more photos to share, but will put them into a slideshow the next couple of days to post. Time to go do two weeks worth of laundry and clean the trailer!