Friday, September 25, 2009


My kids are always my models (there is nothing else I want to photograph more!) and sometimes they cooperate and sometimes they don't... I always manage to talk them into posing for a few pictures! Micah is a favorite because his eyes still always take me by surprise.

I rarely get pictures of Eli, he doesn't like to sit still!

There are two things that keep Lilah entertained for longer than two minutes, playdough and stickers. So here are some pictures of her sitting on the floor sticking stickers to a paper.

I got a pair of baby legs (legwarmers) for her and she loves them. They are a lot easier to deal with when potty training too. She may be two years old, but I still love those tiny little legs and toes!

I am trying to figure out the photography thing and am always frustrated when shooting in manual, but these were all shot in manual and I think they turned out pretty good!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book Recommendation

I just finished reading this book and feel it is a "must read" for adoptive parents, especially those who have adopted from China or Taiwan. I found it fascinating to read a memoir from a young woman adopted in the 70's by american parents and her journey and struggles with stereotypes and her ethnicity. It is refreshing to read a story from someone who didn't feel that their circumstances left a big hole of uncertainty about who they are. It was fascinating to read about her feelings as she grew up, as she met her birth parents and as she began to learn more about the Chinese culture and traditions that led her parents to give her up for adoption. In reality, we who have adopted from China, know our children will never have answers like Mei-Ling does, but maybe someday they will read her story and have a sense of what could have been.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blogs For A Cause

I have had Nikki do the designs for my blog twice now and both have been awesome! She does great work, but more than that she is a great humanitarian! Nikki has been designing blogs as a way to raise money for her humanitarian trips and to support her many causes. Nikki will be graduating from University May 2010 and then she will soon be moving to the Dominican Republic to work there full time. To read more about Her and the amazing heart that she has for people around the world. By having her do your blog design you are helping to support her as she helps those in need! To view Nikki's blog, click on the Blogs for a Cause in my sidebar.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flying High with daddy

I have had a few people ask me lately about how we came to the decision to accept Lilah's referral. Our adoption agency is advising people NOT to adopt from the China special needs program. They are seeing a lot of issues with many families and believe that many families do not know what they are getting into, which I am sure is true with many. But there are those of us out there that stand by this program and would recommend it to others in a heartbeat! Without it, we wouldn't have met our sons or daughters! Our children are loved deeply, we had the option not to accept their referrals, and yet we knew in our hearts that they were meant to be ours. They are like any other children, who just need a family and love and security. They may have more issues to deal with medically and emotionally, and we will have to help them through these issues, we need to be prepared for that. But you can have issues with any child, from any country or even bio children.

I understand this program is not for everyone, but adoption is always risk! God has a plan for these children!

"And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me." -- Matthew 18:5

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Straight from the heart

What can warm a mother's heart more than to hear her children tell her they love her, especially for the first time. We always say I love you at night when tucking Lilah in and she will say I love you back, but today for the first time, while eating a snack she said "Mommy! Mommy, I love you." And then had to give me a kiss.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So Lilah's new favorite word is "why". Everything I say.... "why?". It drives me crazy, you give an answer and you just get another "why?". All my kids went through this stage, although I don't remember it being quite so young!

On Saturday, we went to a Christian Chinese wedding. Lilah had the opportunity to wear the dress we had made in Beijing and she got a lot of attention from everybody there! Somebody spoke to her in Cantonese and she looked at them like they had lost their mind... I think she is losing her language very quickly. She always speaks in english now (other than Go Go for her brothers) and is speaking in sentences all the time.

Today, Lilah had her 3 month doctor's appointment with her pediatrician. She has only gained a little weight, but she definitely feels heavier and more solid now. She has the lovely two year old belly! The doctor was impressed with how much she had changed, just generally healthier looking all around and speaking like crazy and just more comfortable. Like many adopted children, she has some other health issues that have showed up, but yet they are very minor and the doctor isn't worried about any of them. The next step will be to see the eye doctor to make sure her eye is alright and to have a CT scan of her face, as well as a ultrasound of her kidneys. Her iron levels will be checked in 3 more months and depending on the results, they should be able to tell if it is something genetic or not. If it is, it would only be a problem if she married someone with the same condition. So now besides an interview with daddy, the poor boy may need to give blood as well!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Black Eyed Peas and Chicken Strips

You will have to turn off the music at the bottom of this page to watch this video.

Lilah is very musical and loves all the Black Eyed Peas songs. She always sings and dances as soon as the music comes on. She has some great rhythm and moves her head in time to the beat. She walks around our house singing her heart out and completely on tune.

She spins and dances and says "look at this mommy" "watch this mommy". She is a busy girl and we love to watch her!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last Camping Trip of the Year

This past weekend we headed out to Red Lodge Provincial Park for one last camping trip. School starts tomorrow! I am so ready for a routine and a schedule at this point -- as well as a clean house!

We loved Red Lodge and would love to go back. We floated down the river, made a mud slide in the river bank, played in the water, biked, hiked and were generally really lazy! Lilah did get stung in the cheek by a wasp and Abby ripped up her knees on the slide, but other than that they had a great time.