Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Cream

Today is a cold and snowy day at our house, so we decided to try making some snow cream.

You will need 1 cup of white sugar, 1 cup of milk and 1 tsp. vanilla.

snow cream-01

Go outside (in my case, as quickly as possible and as close to the house as possible) and gather 10 cups of CLEAN packed snow.

snow cream-06

snow cream-08

Have your assistant mix together the milk, vanilla and sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved.

snow cream-05

Add the milk mixture to the snow and mix until you have the consistency of ice cream. (This will truly never happen because we are not using a fat-ridden cream).

snow cream-09

snow cream-12

Check and make sure there is no ash (from the two houses that burnt down across the lake a couple of days ago)...

snow cream-15

Eat and Enjoy!

snow cream-17

snow cream-19

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tea Party

tea party-4

I bought this sweet tiny tea set from the Dollar Store and it is one of Lilah's favorite things to play with!

tea party-3

I had a little set like this when I was a little girl.

tea party-1

Lilah is fun to watch when she plays. It is all about everything girly.

tea party-2

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Palm Springs

On Saturday, a friend and I headed for Palm Springs for a girl's weekend.

We spent the weekend eating great food, drinking good wine and shopping A LOT!

We went to movies, we walked a lot and drove around the city to see the sights.

We laughed a lot. On the last day, we headed out to Indian Canyon and hiked. It was beautiful.

It was a great break from regular life, but I am glad to be home with my family once again.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Black and White or Color?

I love bright and colorful photographs. But sometimes pictures just need to be shown in black and white too.

black and white-7

black and white-3

Lilah wasn't in the best mood this morning. But she always photographs beautifully, whether she is feeling serious or goofy.

black and white-6

black and white-2

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eli is 9!

Eli is one great kid. He has a very strong personality. One extreme or the other. It will be interesting to see where he goes in life. He is constantly taking things a part and putting them back together. If we need something fixed, we ask him. If we need something put together we ask him. If we need a tool from the garage we ask him. There are times I have told the boys to go outside and ride their bikes and Micah will say to me "I can't! Eli took the pedals off of my bike!". Eli can hook up our trailer to our truck all by himself, including the power breaks and the lights. (He has been doing this for two years now!) He has his own set of work gloves. He amazes me and exhausts me.

Eli's personality started to emerge at about the age of 18 months. I believe the pictures below speak for themselves and tell a lot about Eli!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lemonade Stand Award

My first blogger award!!! I was given this award by Gen. Check out her blogs. She is very insightful and also an amazing photographer.

The lemonade stand is awarded to bloggers who show great attitude and gratitude, and there are a few rules for accepting this award:

- put the Lemonade logo on your blog or within your post.
- nominate at least 10 other blogs with great attitude or gratitude.
- link the nominees within your post.
- let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
- share the love and link to the person from who you received this award.

Here are my ten blogger award picks!


I chose these bloggers because they are inspirational to me, whether it be by photography, adoption, or faith.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eli's Party

Eli picked the cake he wanted from a wilton magazine. It took a lot of time!

birthdays 2010-03

I had wanted to try to make a rainbow cake for a while now, and this was the perfect cake for it. A little dye in our systems won't hurt us!

birthdays 2010-26

birthdays 2010-23

birthdays 2010-30

For Eli's party we went to a bowling alley, where the boys bowled a couple of games and also got to play laser tag.

birthdays 2010-19

Micah's Party

Today we had TWO birthday parties. One for Micah who turned 6 yesterday, and one for Eli who turns 9 on Wednesday. P.J.'s Pets brought a bunch of pets to our house for the kids to learn about, hold and play with. The puppy was a favorite and I wanted to keep him!

Micah wanted a Monkey cake and so that is what he got...

birthdays 2010-04

birthdays 2010-48

birthdays 2010-57

party 2-03

Challenge #2 - Time

Living in the Moment

Weekly challenge

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Micah is 6

Today is Micah's sixth birthday. He still feels like my baby. When he was born I held him all the time, knowing that he would be the last baby in this house and I wanted to enjoy and remember every second of it.

He was (and still is) a fairly serious child. He has had a hard year with all the changes in our house, but is slowly finding his place once again.

Micah has a wonderful personality. He can be full of spunk, and I see him being a lot like his big sister when he is older. Sarcastic and funny and just a great person.

He is in grade one this year, and since he is one of the younger kids in his class, I didn't know if I should send him or not. He is doing really well and his teacher says he is a really great kid. One day he will say school is awesome and the next he hates it! He comes home very exhausted everyday.

Tomorrow is his birthday party and he has been counting down the days for weeks...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's so awesome!

snow day-34

Lilah is trying to make a snow angel...

snow day-19

Look at the joy on her face. She kept saying: "It's so awesome!"

snow day-29

snow day-31

Abby stayed inside to study and then joined me and Lilah for a walk around the lake.