Sunday, February 28, 2010

My boys

My kids are very burnt! I know... I am not a very good mother! But they love the water and you cannot get them out of it! Josiah and Micah were especially bad. Micah's eyes, legs, wrists, ears were very swollen. Josiah was just red and blistered and not feeling very good. Today, they are ready to go again though...

It was a good thing that yesterday the beaches were closed and we had to take a day off. We evacuated to higher ground, by going to a church and then hiking up to a volcano from there. We then headed into Old Koloa and had a picnic at the park, in amongst many other people just waiting to go back to their condos. We never felt super panicked like some people who packed up at 6am and headed to Lihue to sit in their cars for hours. But it was interesting to see people just congregating in churches, parks and schools.

It was all in interesting experience and we are glad it turned out to be nothing and that today we can return to the beaches. With A LOT of sunscreen!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


kauai day 2-43

We woke up to air sirens at 6am this morning. Shortly after, had a phone call suggesting we pack a bag and some food and head to Lihue to higher ground. A Tsunami is expected to hit the islands at about 11am Hawaiian time, which is 2pm Edmonton time. We are still waiting in our condo as some reports tell us to leave and others say to stay put. We are not in the evacuation zone, but are about a ten minute walk to the beach. Some have left to go get more information from a big hotel nearby. Most people have packed up and headed out to Lihue. Our rental manager asked us to pray for the islands. They really don't know what to expect in magnitude at this point. The Tsunami will hit The Big Island first and then Kauai about 50 minutes later.

kauai day 2-32

I decided to post some pictures while we sit around and wait.... we are all very burnt and have never burnt like this before! Josiah has blisters on his face and Micah's eyes are swollen. So I figured posting in Black and White would look better. We had decided we would be staying out of the sun today and now we have no choice as the beaches are closed, the stores are closed and well.... everything is closed or soon to be closed.

kauai day 2-31

Of course, I would love to be able to watch it all happen, but I won't! I would love to take pictures, but I won't!

kauai day 2-29

kauai day 2-45

kauai day 2-19

kauai day 2-11

I will try to update and let people know what actually happens. Keep us and everyone in Hawaii in your prayers!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lilah in Kauai

kauai day one-3

We spent the first and second day here at the beach. Last night we went out for supper and Lilah looked so pretty in her little Roxy dress, that how could I not take pictures. Everywhere I look, there are perfect spots for beautiful pictures! I think I am obsessed with my camera!

kauai day one-7

kauai day one-5

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We leave tonight at 3am to head to the airport.... but by noon tomorrow, this will be my kids...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Baking with Micah

baking with micah-05

This weekend Tim and the two older boys were at a Tae Kwon Do Seminar ALL WEEKEND. Micah was very bored and so one task we decided to do was bake cookies. Mostly because he wanted to eat the dough!

baking with micah-10

baking with micah-13

baking with micah-12

baking with micah-03

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thalassemia Minor

So we had Lilah's bloodwork redone this past week to check on her iron levels. They are perfectly fine, but it turns out that she has a genetic blood disease called Thalassemia Minor. It really doesn't mean a whole lot, except that she is slightly anemic and in the future doctors may question this and want to put her on iron again, which does nothing for her. The only concern would be that if she marries someone who is also a carrier of the same type, their children could have Thalassemia Major, which has a lot more severe side affects. I am glad to be done with the iron supplements!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No Hands But Ours


I have added the No Hands But Ours button on my sidebar. Our story was recently added to this very special resource for families considering adopting from China's Waiting Child program. Because Lilah's diagnosis is SO very rare, and yet I saw a few other children with it when in China, we wanted to share our story with others who may consider a child with Tessier as well. You will have to excuse my spelling mistakes and wording... I didn't proof read it too well!


I have a bit of spring fever this week. The sun is shining and it is warm enough for the snow to start melting. The tulips are out and they are my favorite flower!

cny 2-01

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Little Beauty


Oh, how Lilah loves it when I pull out her Chinese dresses!


I gave Lilah this lantern to hold and she blew and blew on it...




Gung Hay Fat Choy!

cny 2-12

This morning we celebrated the Chinese New Year by going to a Dim Sum Restaurant with our adoption friends.

cny 2-13

The food was so good! Lilah ate like she rarely ever eats, quickly and bountifully.

cny 2-14

Our whole family enjoyed the food and the experience of our first CNY with our Chinese beauty.

cny 2-16

cny 2-17

Grandma and Grandpa McRae came to join us in the many celebrations that this weekend holds...

cny 2-06

Happy Valentine's Day!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Vancouver 2010


Today, the boys wore their olympic gear to school to celebrate the opening ceremonies tonight.







Lilah had to get into the spirit as well...



And then there is Micah... he fell on the way home today and skinned his knee... there wasn't a whole lot of spirit there...


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

True Love


Today, we had a little Valentine's Day photo shoot. Lilah always gets excited when I pull out the pretty outfits and fun clothes, so that she can pose for my camera!

She really was happy throughout the whole thing, especially when I pulled out the sucker... But I love this next picture! This shows a side of Lilah that many do not see very often. A bit of her stubborn attitude... I do want to remember even these moments!


This picture shows her true joy, forget the fake for the camera smile... this is what I was looking for.


It is so hard to get a nice picture of her in her glasses without a reflection. If anyone has any tips, let me know.


I think this huge lollipop makes it all worth it!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Are we Chinese?

eli 2-09

I have been decorating the house a bit for Chinese New Year's. Eli asked me why I was decorating and I explained that we are going to be celebrating the Chinese New Year next weekend and that in China it is one of the biggest and most important holidays that they celebrate.

eli 2-05

But why? He still didn't understand why WE would celebrate it. I told him it is Lilah's first Chinese New Year with us and we want to respect and enjoy her cultural holidays as well, now that we are a multicultural family.

eli 2-08

"We're Chinese! How are we Chinese?!" Eli exclaimed. I laughed.

eli 2-10

I have since explained to him, that we are not Chinese, but we do have a Chinese sister and daughter and so that makes us a multicultural family.

We do live in a very multicultural area and my kids go to a very multicultural school (they are the minority). They do not see race, they just see people for who they are. I love it!