Friday, February 26, 2010

Lilah in Kauai

kauai day one-3

We spent the first and second day here at the beach. Last night we went out for supper and Lilah looked so pretty in her little Roxy dress, that how could I not take pictures. Everywhere I look, there are perfect spots for beautiful pictures! I think I am obsessed with my camera!

kauai day one-7

kauai day one-5


The Drinkwaters said...

Enjoy your fun in the sun!

Canada to China and back! said...

That is one sweet little dress! The model looks even sweeter! I hope you are having a blast.

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Oh I'm so GLAD you're blogging!! We're both obsessed, with blogging and the camera. Haha! :)

And Lilah is beautiful in her Roxy dress, I love Roxy myself! My sister lives in Australia, so she indulges us in Roxy now and again. She bought Lilah the most beautiful outfit for her 2nd birthday. Anyway, enough about Roxy!

I got your comment a few days ago. The one when you said how you'd love to capture the beauty of winter and snow. Ahem, you said that just hours before flying to Hawaii?!! Guess where I'd love to be taking pictures and capturing the beauty right about now? Yes Hawaii!

I'm still envious, even more now that I've seen some pictures! :)

Have fun!
Jill xx

PS - Take lots of photos!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

I just saw the news this morning and thought of you.

Praying you are all safe.