Sunday, February 28, 2010

My boys

My kids are very burnt! I know... I am not a very good mother! But they love the water and you cannot get them out of it! Josiah and Micah were especially bad. Micah's eyes, legs, wrists, ears were very swollen. Josiah was just red and blistered and not feeling very good. Today, they are ready to go again though...

It was a good thing that yesterday the beaches were closed and we had to take a day off. We evacuated to higher ground, by going to a church and then hiking up to a volcano from there. We then headed into Old Koloa and had a picnic at the park, in amongst many other people just waiting to go back to their condos. We never felt super panicked like some people who packed up at 6am and headed to Lihue to sit in their cars for hours. But it was interesting to see people just congregating in churches, parks and schools.

It was all in interesting experience and we are glad it turned out to be nothing and that today we can return to the beaches. With A LOT of sunscreen!


Colin and Jill Canada said...

Slap on that sunscreen and enjoy yourselves.

I mean really, who goes on a beach holiday in the winter and doesn't get burnt! And sunscreen, I don't care what the bottle says, it rarely works when you're playing around on water for any length of time.

Enjoy yourselves! As if you're not!
Jill xx

PS - I bet that old Church was just fabulous for taking pictures. Sigh! You lucky girl!

The Drinkwaters said...

Sun burns = lots of fun in the sun!

Glad you are able to head back to the beach and everything is fine.

Enjoy your time!