Thursday, March 11, 2010



So, today we went back to the eye doctor and he has now recommended patching Lilah's good eye. So far she doesn't seem to mind and does seem to be able to see and do things as usual. She needs to wear a patch ALL DAY except for ONE HOUR! He performed a little test (saying that this doesn't usually work for children under 4 years), where he held up a letter chart and gave Lilah a letter chart. He pointed to a letter and asked her to point to the same letter on her chart. With her good eye she got every match correct! With her bad eye, she only got one right. But he was definitely impressed by how smart she is!

Six weeks of patching to go... then we will see what comes next or if it even helped.


The Denis Family said...

Cute as ever! And smart too!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Aww, I feel for her.

She's a whiz though, my goodness! That's terrific!


Denise said...

That's amazing that it doesn't seem to bother her. Kylar hated the patch, and we eventually had to put drops in his good eye to make it unfocused (like the drops the eye dr gives you at your appt. to dialate your eyes) and that worked better. It must hurt like crazy to take that patch off! Hopefully her skin doesn't get too irritated.

myra said...

What a good sport. I had to wear a patch as a kid. No fun! Hopefully it will be worth it and the 6 weeks will go by quickly.

Marie said...

I'll be prayinig for extra patience for you and Lilah. Hope all goes well!