Sunday, March 21, 2010

Paska and Glums


Today we made Paska and Glums. These are recipes from my Mennonite heritage and something we look forward to every year at Easter! I only make it for the two weeks leading up to the Easter weekend. We go through two loaves a day in our house and an ice cream bucket full of Glums. It is really one of the rare times our family ever eats white bread, especially white bread loaded with sugar and topped with icing! I call this Heaven on a plate...

What is Paska or Glums??? Paska is a sweet, citricy white bread, traditionally baked in a rounded shape. Glums is the spread you put on each slice, made up of cream cheese, cream, sugar and dry cottage cheese.


I have altered the Paska recipe from the original recipe from my Oma. I don't like to spend all day in the kitchen and end up with ten loaves of bread at a time. I use my bread machine and here is the recipe...


1 cup water
1 large egg
3 1/4 cup bread flour
4 Tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. salt
3 Tbsp. Powdered Milk
1/4 cup butter
1 1/2 tsp. active dry yeast

1 Tbsp. each grated lemon and orange rind

I make mine on the dough setting, remove it from the machine and place in two greased round pans. Let rise for another 30 minutes. Bake in oven at 350 for 20 minutes.

Cool and top with a runny white icing. I add more grated lemon and orange rind to this, as well as some lemon juice.


Glums: (sometimes this can be an acquired taste!)

Scald 1/2 cup heavy cream, add 1/2 cup butter. Pour over 2 egg yolks beaten with 2 cups of white sugar. Cook until thick. Mash 6 cups of dry cottage cheese with 8 oz. of cream cheese. Mix all ingredients together. Add vanilla.


My kids yum this right up and then beg for more!



Lilah had already had her piece... I turned around and she had moved on to Josiah's plate, left on the counter, and this is what I saw! I think she likes it! I think she will enjoy Easter at our house!



anne and mike said...

oooh that looks so yummy, and your pictures are gorgeous! Is Canada always bathed in golden light? I'm living in the wrong country! Your kids are so full of life.
(from shady America)

Beth said...

Do you do take-out or deliver??
Looks yummy. It's so nice to have those traditions. This year at Christmas I requested these 'horn' my dad used to make with ground up walnuts, sugar etc. inside. No one else seems to taken with them so I'm sure I ate a few dozen myself over a couple weeks. No wonder my pants got tight!!

Denise said...

Yum, that looks delicious! The older I get, the more I'm realizing my mom cut out a lot of these mennonite yummies in the name of health I presume. I think I need to take some lessons from you and get back to my roots! Maybe Kylar and I can do a cooking lesson this week and try it out.

Shawna said...

Yes you may bring some on tuesday!

teresa said...

That last picture of Lilah is fantastic - looks like she's got some Mennonite in her after all!

I was so excited to see your photos of paska, and even more excited to see your recipe! I have a paska recipe adapted for the breadmaker, but it doesn't work that well every time. I'm trying yours today. But in all my years as a Mennonite, I have never heard of glums! How did we miss that?! As with most Menno food, it always sounds weird until you try it. We grew up with that runny icing, but my new favorite paska icing is from my Oma and had milk, cornstarch, butter and sugar. It's cooked for a bit, then beaten for a long time, and it's to die for!

Looking forward to some unhealthy, but-ever-so-delicious paska! Thanks for this great post!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Gosh, I so have to try this. It looks absolutely delicious and yummy and droolable.

That last picture of Lilah is just perfect! She's in love!


teresa said...

I have now baked the paska, whipped up the icing, and sampled both. BEST. PASKA. EVER. No joke! Your recipe is divine - the texture is perfect and soft and sooo good. I am shocked at just how perfect the paska turned out!!

Paige said...

Teresa, I am glad you liked it! Now you really should make some glums...

Karla Hope: said...

Mmmm, looks so good Paige! And by the way your family is so beautiful! Every time I see new pictures that you post I'm in awe that your children are so beautiful!

Marie said...

We called our bread "Ousta brout" or "Easter bread", ate it with icing, but never with glums. I always thought glums meant cottage cheese. Sounds like a yummy recipe!

Melanie said...

I don't think we ever had church potlucks at Easter time, because I don't remember paska OR glums. But I sure remember the borscht!

I only have multigrain bread flour - SO not the same, but do you think it would work?