Thursday, April 22, 2010

Being Outside



Lilah loves being outside. And finally, we have beautiful weather!


Today, we went to see the opthamologist. He was absolutely stunned. He said that the improvement he sees in Lilah's right eye (in only six weeks of patching) he usually doesn't see within FIVE YEARS! We are going to continue with the patching, but can be a little more relaxed about it, if we are out and she doesn't want to wear it. He says that we only have about 3% more improvement to go, and even if that doesn't happen, she has already beaten the odds by leaps and bounds.


They did the matching game again, and he said we must have gotten the smartest kid in China. He cannot believe she is only two years old and can match letters like she did.


Can you tell how much she loves her swing?



Denise said...

Woohoo! That's awesome news about the patching! It's so great that you found out about her eye so early. Good luck raising another super smart kid - that takes some mommy smarts of a whole different kind, just trying to stay a step ahead of them :)

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Oh that is super news from the opthalmologist. Yippee! Indeed she is smart. They are such sponges, aren't they?

Love her sunglasses, my Lilah saw the picture of her yesterday with them on and was quite perplexed, saying to me, "The wabel is still on!". :)

Oh and swinging is a total favourite in this house too. It's funny, I've heard a lot of adoptive mothers mention this with regards to sensory issues. Either way Lilah sure looks like she is loving it!

Happy days! I love being outside too!

teresa said...

So happy about Lilah's eye, and how cool that you got the smartest kid in China!! You must be having so many adventures!

Charlotte said...

rejoicing with you...and praying for you too. Denise is right about needing to stay a step ahead. Lilah is in the best family and like we've always said, her placement in your family has God's stamp all over it.

Canada to China and back! said...

Yay! for patching! I love the first picture of Lilah on the swing with her feet in the air! I am way behind on blogs again so I am reading my way from most recent to least recent!lol!

Beth said...

You rock Lilah!