Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gerber Daisy

lilah dots3-6

Lilah and I headed to our favorite flower shop in Edmonton called Swish Flowers. We needed to arrange for a gift for Daddy's administrative assistant for April 21st.

lilah dots3-5

Last year, I completely forgot about this day and we had to scramble last minute to come up with something! Although, I must say, last year at this time was total chaos... one month from going to get our Lilah.

lilah dots3-7

Cheryl gave Lilah this beautiful yellow gerber daisy. We may not have flowers outside yet, but we can have some inside!


Colin and Jill Canada said...

Oh it's huge and such a beautiful colour of yellow.

Lilah must have been her usual sweet self to win herself that pretty flower!


Colin and Jill Canada said...

Btw, that's sweet that your hubby looks after his Admin Assistant!

And look at you guys, almost with Lilah a year now!

Where does the time go?

The Drinkwaters said...

I love yellow gerbers, I had a bunch of them tied together for my bridal bouquet!

I can't believe one year ago we were rushing around getting ready for our trip to China to meet our daughters! Time goes by so very fast!