Sunday, April 18, 2010

Skate Park

skate park-33

My boys love spending time at the skate park.

skate park-52

skate park-03

skate park-08

Oh, yeah, and then there's this one...

skate park-16

He does pretty good, for an old guy.

skate park-07

skate park-02

Despite the injuries...

skate park-09

And despite the bike that is 20 years old...

skate park-01

It makes for some pretty good family time.

skate park-05

skate park-45


Colin and Jill Canada said...

I adore that last photo. It's such a special moment you captured, Paige.

In fact, I love all these shots. Great action and the graffiti and colours are just too cool.

Your man is showing those kids up for sure! And I take it Lilah hung out with her Mom? Just taking it all in and learning a few photography skills. :)


Paige said...

Lilah, Abby and I just hung out and watched... I said to Abby, I shouldn't have taken her there... too many staring boys! Lilah said she wished she had brought her pink camera too!

Charlotte said...

happy to see that old bike finally getting some use again, and, out of our storage. Sorry to see Tim's injuries tho. I don't think I could watch him...too scary for me.

Marie said...

Ha! Ha! Good to see "the old one" enjoying himself and his family! Very cool pictures!

Marie said...

Oh, and about those staring boys. . . I may need some advice/counsel in the future! I don't look forward to that part of life. But when I see pics of Abby and Lilah I do understand why they would want to watch 2 beautiful girls!

Denise said...

That's awesome that Tim gets out there with the boys. Now if I could just get K on a bike...fingers crossed that this year is the year.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, wow... I would totally break a bone doing something like that - I am SUCH a klutz. I am duly impressed with all of your guys.

And thanks for being such a good sport about my Canadian jokes. I am horrible, aren't I? My best friend is also a Canadian... she always teases me about being a loud, obnoxious American.

Oh, wait... I AM a loud, obnoxious American. Heh.

Amy said...

Wow! Impressive shots and some serious riding. My boys would love to do that! They bike down sledding hills. Makes my heart almost stop! Geesh, I sound like such a mom!


Canada to China and back! said...

What an awesome Dad! I love,love,love your picts! Man a person can't get old when your having that much fun:0) I feel old just looking at the pictures and thinking ouch that's gotta hurt!lol!