Thursday, April 8, 2010

Updates from Doctors

lilah dots2-3

On Wednesday, we had two doctors appointments with the surgeons who will be taking care of Lilah in the coming months. We looked at her CT scan, which was really interesting to see. Lilah said it was a monster.

lilah dots2-1

The craniofacial specialist will do his surgery first. He will take bone from her skull and form it to fit into her cleft to build up the spaces that aren't there or that are sunken. Right now he is waiting while the hospital makes a computer image that gives him the exact measurements needed for the bone. Complicated. I assume this will be the biggest surgery and the longest recovery time.

lilah dots-1

A couple of months later, the pediatric plastic surgeon will do his surgery on the soft tissues. The sinuses, the muscle above her lip and the tissue below her eye. She should only be in for 2-4 days for this surgery. The scars will take about 18 months to heal into a thin white line.

lilah dots2-6

The third surgery (I really only expected it to be done in two) will follow that with the Opthamologist fixing her lower lid. I don't really know the timeline for all of this yet. I would like to start as soon as possible, but we will see what they say. The two surgeons will need to meet and plan things out. One said we could start anytime and the other said before she goes to school. We will push for it to be sooner than later.


anne and mike said...

Wow, lots of surgeries in little Lilah's future. I love the picture you took of her with her head in her hands in the Gerber Daisy post. I can tell how beautiful you think she is already! So much personality. Everything else will be icing on the cake!

The Denis Family said...

She's a tough girl..she will get through with all the love that is around her. Boy-her hair looks like it is getting long in the back!

The Drinkwaters said...

I love the picture with her toes!

I hope the specialists can get together and decide a course of action quickly. It would be nice for all the surgeries and recovery time to be completed before her school years begin.

Marie said...

Praying that things will proceed quickly! It sounds like a painful surgery. Hope all goes well!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Your little sweetheart has so much ahead of her and I pray that she gets through these surgeries all with her loving family surrounding her and under the care of her Creator.

Can you imagine a little child like this going through surgery without that loving family.

Blessing and prayers for beautiful Lilah.


Ferenje Mama said...

Wow. So much to be done. I am confident that she will take it all in her stride... and you will too. :o)

Sending positive vibes for a swift start.