Sunday, May 30, 2010

A full house

My house is full this weekend while the youth from our church stay here and attend YC. This is the third year we have hosted the youth at our house for this event and we always look forward it!

For the most part they are not here and it is pretty quiet. That is until they get back at about 11pm and are quite loud until 3am! I have had my three youngest sleeping in my room with me so that they won't be disturbed, but that means little sleep for me...

It has been snowing here for the past two days. Somedays, I wonder why we live here in the great white north... Two people actually took a dip in the lake at about 2am last night. Crazy!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Off to a secret location!

zoo 1-4

It is really not that secret around here, especially because my husband keeps slipping up and telling people where he is going!

Tim leaves tonight for a country that is dear to our hearts (I wonder where that would be?). We are not suppose to publicize where he is going or what organization he is going with. This organization works closely with the Red Cross and they travel to this country on medical missions twice a year.

Tim will be gone for two weeks. He will be operating and seeing many patients who don't have health care. He will be treating burn patients, cleft lip/palate patients, etc. Some of the stories of these patients are heartbreaking! I hope to be able to share more when he is back... But please keep his team in your prayers!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 25, 2010 - One Year with Lilah

Adoption, has touched us like nothing has touched us before. I wish everyone could experience what we have experienced in this process. I met my husband 21 years ago... that was an amazing experience. I have given birth to four children... I loved being pregnant. I loved giving birth. I loved every moment being a mother. Words cannot express the love a mother has for her children. A mother once told her daughter, "you will never understand how much I love you, until you have a child of your own." How true this is. It is a love only a mother can understand.

And then there is adoption. It is hard. Very hard. Very challenging. No one can understand the time is takes to apply to adopt. No one can understand the emotional rollercoaster that adoption can bring upon a person. I loved my daughter the minute I saw her picture. God made it very clear that she was the one. God made it very clear, right from the beginning, that it was time for us to adopt. God led us to China. God led us to a daughter.

Then we held her in our arms. And it was hard. It was emotional. My husband and I fought. My daughter rejected me.

But here we are at one year with Lilah. I cannot tell you how much this child, how much this experience has blessed us. What a blessing she is to our family! We have grown through this experience in ways we can't even imagine. We have seen our children love this child in a way that is unexplainable in words. My husband and I have found an even deeper love and respect for each other than we ever imagined. And that love has extended to our children and this large family that we have created. We have found a love for a country that is half way around the world. It has forever touched our lives. Our daughter is from there. Her biological family is from there. She has a mother there who thinks about her and wonders about her. But she also has me. I am blessed to call her mine. I am blessed to call her my daughter.

I know that everybody has to make their own choice when it comes to adoption. A "special needs" child or a "healthy" child. All I can say is.... THEY ARE ALL CHILDREN. When it comes down to it, they are just little people. My daughter is so smart. She is full of personality and she is stronger than anyone I know. She has been through so much, I can't even understand... all I know is that she has changed our lives. And through the grace of God, she is all ours.

You will need to scroll to the bottom and turn off the music before you view this video.

The Calgary Zoo

zoo 2-1

zoo 1-1

zoo 1-2

zoo 1-3

zoo 1-6

Me and my dad...
zoo 1-5

zoo 3-1

Annika... my niece.
annika zoo-1

Sam... my nephew.
zoo 3-2


bird 2-1

I wish this picture could capture what I see...

It has been rainy and dreary here the last few days. When I look out my window at the lake I see HUNDREDS of small birds darting over the water eating the bugs. They are small and dark and very fast, and therefore very hard to capture in a photo.

But what an amazing sight!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do a Dot Art

I bought this Do a Dot kit knowing it would keep Lilah very busy. She loves anything to do with art, coloring, painting or play dough.

I am not a mother who likes to pull out the paint supplies and let my kids go... it makes such a huge mess, water spills, kids are full of paint...

This stuff is awesome! No mess, easy clean up and the kids love it!

I spent my long weekend in Calgary with my sister. Somehow, my camera did not make it along, but I won't point any fingers! I will post pictures when my mom and sister send me some from their cameras. It was great to get away with the four youngest. Abby stayed home and Tim had to work.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

At the Beach

lilah mei 2-1

We are having great weather this week. It was +28 today and so it seemed we should hit the beach after school. As you can see by my pictures... I have been playing in Picnik with stickers!

lilah mei 1-1

Considering that just two weeks ago we had a foot of snow, it wasn't quite bathing suit and swimming time yet.

lilah mei 3-1

But Lilah loves being near the water, throwing sand and rocks.

lilah mei 5-1

You can see in the background that we live in a very new area. Lots of dirt and construction. But we love it here, on our small man made lake...

lilah mei 4-1

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Miss Lilah Mei is 3!

lilahs 3-09

We celebrated last night because Abby is taking driver's ed this weekend.

lilahs 3-11

We got Lilah's candle last year in China. You light it and then it shoots up a huge flame, all the little candles unfold and drop down, the whole thing spins and plays Happy Birthday.

lilahs 3-15

lilahs 3-27

The cake is from Martha Stewart. Not nearly as perfect as Martha's would be though!

lilahs 3-04

Our neighbors kids had a fundraiser for their school, where they brought in fresh Atlantic lobster (already cooked!) and so that was what we had for supper. Lilah said "I don't like lobster!" when I put it on her plate, but once she tasted the meat, she gobbled it all up!

lilahs 3-23

Last year, we missed her birthday by a week! We are so happy she is here with us for her third birthday and many more to come.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Night Out

me and tim 2-2

Last night Tim and I had a banquet to go to at Hotel MacDonald to celebrate the graduates from the Surgical Program at the U of A.

me and tim 2-1

My parents are up to visit this weekend, so they got to stay with all of our kids.

me and tim 2-4

Going to these functions and dressing up like this, really stresses me out! I am more of a blue jean, t-shirt and flip flop kind of girl!

me and tim 2-5

Abby is my photographer for these photos. I set the camera up for her and she snaps away. She loves photography as well, and is looking forward to taking it in high school. Maybe she will be teaching me!

Tim doesn't mind these functions. He knows these people. He is comfortable being around them. He is in his world. But that world is so not mine...

me and tim 2-7

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Friend Party

birthday party lilah-048

Today, we had a princess party. We invited a few friends and they wore their tutu's.

birthday party lilah-087

They had a tea party. They played on the swing and with bubbles. Some even tried out the sandbox!

birthday party lilah-008

They ate heart shaped pb & j. Chocolate covered marshmellows and cupcakes.

birthday party lilah-026

They chased the rabbit.

birthday party lilah-030

Lilah was very calm and although she has been looking forward to this day for so long, she was a little quiet.

birthday party lilah-051

Until they jumped in the jumper.

birthday party lilah-063

Thanks for coming Amara and Audrey!

birthday party lilah-081

Wednesday, May 12, 2010