Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Birthday Party

Abby wanted a Hello Kitty birthday cake...

Her best friends came over after school yesterday and we had a glamour photo shoot. With some crazy make up and some crazy eyelashes. They actually went out to dinner all done up.



It amazed me how I barely had to edit these photos. Remember being young? Having perfect skin and being perfectly beautiful?



These girls had the attitude and confidence to pose like pros! I look at these photos and all I can think is, how beautiful each of these girls are, how their personalities shine through, and I hope they can see it too!




There is nothing like having some great and wonderful girlfriends when you are a teenager, Abby is very choosy about who she is friends with. She does not put up with the typical nasty teenage girl stuff that goes on. These are her true friends!



Colin and Jill Canada said...

You took these pictures?? WOW!

Sweet job Paige. These are amazing. Yes, and I hear you about the youthful skin...sigh!

Btw, I've been SO waiting for the cake picture! Because I remember drooling over your last years cakes too, especially the rainbow cake you made for one of the boys. And seriously, this one is no exception, you are brilliant at decorating cakes. I have cake envy! :)

Love the girls eyelashes, each of them so different and unique to themselves. Great idea!


Beth said...

I'm sure the girls will love you forever for taking those shots - they are spectacular:)

myra said...

Seriously beautiful! What a fun party!

Marie said...

Stunning! Warmed my heart! The world is a better place because of girls like Abby, who don't tolerate the typical "catty" girl thing! You must be so very proud of her!

The Denis Family said...

Yummy looking cake! What did you make the icing out of?

Paige said...

It is just basic buttercream icing with fresh strawberries, mixed in.

Canada to China and back! said...

That is a fun birthday idea! And of course your cake is amazing!