Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Friend Party

birthday party lilah-048

Today, we had a princess party. We invited a few friends and they wore their tutu's.

birthday party lilah-087

They had a tea party. They played on the swing and with bubbles. Some even tried out the sandbox!

birthday party lilah-008

They ate heart shaped pb & j. Chocolate covered marshmellows and cupcakes.

birthday party lilah-026

They chased the rabbit.

birthday party lilah-030

Lilah was very calm and although she has been looking forward to this day for so long, she was a little quiet.

birthday party lilah-051

Until they jumped in the jumper.

birthday party lilah-063

Thanks for coming Amara and Audrey!

birthday party lilah-081


Canada to China and back! said...

Oh what a great party idea! And look the weather cooperated for you :0)

The Denis Family said...

What fun! She does look a little serious in the photos...

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Oh my, what a princess! Three sweet little girls and I love love love that little Chinese tea set, at least I think it's Chinese.

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Lilah!

Our Lilah's first birthday home was a pretty serious affair too. She had no idea what on earth was happening, likely she hadn't seen anything like it in her life. This year I think it will be different!

Hugs to Lilah
From Lilah G. & Jill.

Denise said...

Most kids get kinda quiet when Amara's around - she can be a little overwhelming! lol I hope Lilah had fun, I know Amara did. We can't wait to try out the peelable nail polish you put in the goody bags :)

The Drinkwaters said...

Looks like Lilah behaved like a little princess at the tea party! That's a great tutu, where did you find it?

Shawna said...

The girls are so pretty! Tea parties are so fun.

Monica said...

Lilah's party sounds absolutely magical and the photos are equally magical. They are so beautiful, and Lilah is just gorgeous in every shot.

I wish we could have been there! (But I don't think Ren would have cooperated with the tutu idea!)

Happy third birthday, Lilah!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday Lilah! Beautiful party!

erin said...

I think that bouncy time was my favourite part! I loved seeing Lilah so outgoing and crazy! Who knew how alike she and Audrey were! We need to get them together again soon!