Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Eating


So it may seem a bit strange for me to blog about food, but I wanted to... so I am!

I have changed the way our family eats drastically in the last four years. I used to be a person who lived on Coca-Cola, I now only drink small amounts of coffee and water. I was 25lbs. overweight after I had Micah, but followed the Abs Diet and lost the weight I needed too. I would like to lose 5lbs. more and tone the tummy a bit more (I may need a surgical procedure for that one!), but I have little self control when it comes to food! I LOVE good food.

I now try to cook everything from raw. I make my own salsa, I never cook with canned soups, I buy as much organic as possible and everything (bread, pasta, chips) are all whole grain. I buy as little processed food as possible. You will no longer find Cheez Whiz, lunchables or chicken nuggets in my fridge. A while back I decided to serve white bread with some homemade soup -- because this was the way we ate this soup growing up -- my kids tasted it and looked at me with disgust on their faces saying "What is this?!!!" I buy grain fed organic beef from a local rancher, I use as much whole wheat, unbleached flour and natural raw sugar as possible in my baking. I go to the farmers markets in summer (it is a very short season here!). We haven't eaten at McDonald's in years!

We are far from perfect when it comes to food, but I feel as many small changes that we can make, make a difference! My kids still love their sugar cereal and potato chips and I still love my nachos and cookies, but like my sister tells me, we work out and eat healthy MOST of the time, so that we can enjoy these "treats" once in awhile and not feel guilty! She is so wise...

Cooking has to taste good, be healthy and VERY FAST in this house. These are my two favorite books to cook from right now.

Anyone who has read this blog for awhile, knows that we have had huge food struggles with Lilah and I am happy to say now that there are no longer any issues! She may not always like what she has to eat (what kid does?) but she does it. She knows she has to eat her fruit and veggies first and then she can eat the good stuff!


She isn't taking 3 hours to eat anymore. It may be 1 hour now, but that is an improvement.


She loves green beans, asparagus, strawberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, apples, etc. She still struggles with broccoli, salad and bananas. And she always asks for crackers and cheese and meat for lunch!



Monica said...

Wow - you are a very healthy-eating family! Way to go! That doesn't sound easy (buying beef from a local rancher, for example, rather than just at the corner store) but I'm sure it makes a big difference.

I'm inspired!

Canada to China and back! said...

Paige I have to say your my favorite blog friend! I have both those books and also enjoy the Clean Eating and Oxygen magazines.
We have been eating clean on and off for the last year, I have lost 30lbs as well however I still have another 50lbs to lose. ( I gained ALOT with Nathan) Its so nice to read your blog because I have been sruggling these last couple weeks, probably stress:0) Anyways reading your blog encouraged me to meal plan for this week! Thanks my friend.

Colin and Jill Canada said...

I love healthy whole. what I refer to as REAL food. I hate processed food and all things McDonalds. I don't buy organic though. Do you recommend that?

BUT, I do need to motivate myself and get out and exercise, because I haven't done that in, well, too long to even say. It's time I started running again!

Glad to hear Lilah is eating better now and the time frame has shortened, Lilah takes a while to eat too.


Paige said...

Monica - I buy enough beef for a year, so I am never running to the store for meat!

Jill - some stuff is worth buying organic and some stuff doesn't make a difference. I would rather buy stuff knowing it doesn't have pesticides and chemicals on it.

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Thanks Paige, I'll have to look into it more. I do love to buy farmers fruit and veg in the market in the summer, it tastes so different.

I shoud say too, I do LOVE my fare share of chocolate and chips! :)


Denise said...

Your eating habits have changed a lot since I first met you! I remember you with a Pepsi in hand... now you probably eat healthier than we do. I'll have to check out those books because FAST (yet still healthy)is the only way to go during the week.

Marie said...

Good for you! We started eating healthier about 15 years ago, but our eating habits got worse again until our boys were about 4 and 6. Although I'm still far too cheap (or should I say thrifty) to buy at the local farmer's market. It's the mennonite in me! Instead I grow most of my own veggies and some fruit. I find I have so much more energy if we eat healthy.