Sunday, May 16, 2010

Miss Lilah Mei is 3!

lilahs 3-09

We celebrated last night because Abby is taking driver's ed this weekend.

lilahs 3-11

We got Lilah's candle last year in China. You light it and then it shoots up a huge flame, all the little candles unfold and drop down, the whole thing spins and plays Happy Birthday.

lilahs 3-15

lilahs 3-27

The cake is from Martha Stewart. Not nearly as perfect as Martha's would be though!

lilahs 3-04

Our neighbors kids had a fundraiser for their school, where they brought in fresh Atlantic lobster (already cooked!) and so that was what we had for supper. Lilah said "I don't like lobster!" when I put it on her plate, but once she tasted the meat, she gobbled it all up!

lilahs 3-23

Last year, we missed her birthday by a week! We are so happy she is here with us for her third birthday and many more to come.


Colin and Jill Canada said...

She looks very afraid of that lobster! ;)

The 'Salsa Twins' Dad had that same candle for his birthday cake a few months ago, I think the Mum bought it online, anyway she posted a movie of it in operation and it was so funny! Btw, I love the cake, you are nothing less than amazing, Martha would approve for sure!

I think it's great that you have one girl taking drivers ed and another girl turning three, way to stay young!

And what a blessing to have little Lilah home with you to celebrate this year. She is such a beautiful girl. Happy Birthday to a sweet adorable little princess. You are loved!

Hugs, Jill & Lilah Grace

Canada to China and back! said...

I think I would be scared of that giant lobster!lol!
That candle is sweet:0) Although our firefighter friends may disagree:0) That is a huge flame!!!Everyone still have their eyebrows!?! Oh and your amazing cakes! I'm sure Martha would be proud! I bet this last year with Lilah has flown by. She is such a little sweetie! Happy Birthday Miss Lilah Mei!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Miss Lilah! I think the cake is fabulous. I too have one daughter taking driver's ed. and one that's 4, with a couple of boys in between. Busy but wonderful!

The Drinkwaters said...

I remember you wishing you would be there for her birthday last year. I'm so glad you could all celebrate together! That candle looks amazing, you are lucky she still has eyebrows! ;)

The Denis Family said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!
I love the photo of her with her lobster! What an amzing candle!


Mommy said...

Precious party! The cake is perfection and I LOVE THAT CANDLE! Wish we had had one for Molly's party. Hope you guys are doing well. Lilah looks like she is growing and so happy. Amazing to watch them unfold.