Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Pictures of Zoe!

This morning I opened my inbox to discover new pictures of Zoe. I have ordered a care package to send to her through Red Thread China and she should receive the package in the next couple of days. We ordered her a pair of PJ's, a doll, a blankie, a disposable camera, candy to share with the kids and the nannies, a summer outfit and some sandals, and a Hello Kitty backpack that she can keep all of her things in. We were also able to send a photo album and a translated letter.

Zoe is a chubby little thing and I noticed she has a lot of scrapes and bruises. This can be pretty typical for a three year old! She now weighs 29 lbs. (7 lbs. more than Lilah) and is 35" tall.

We chose the name Zoe because it means "Life".

The word zoe is used 134 times in the New Testament to indicate eternal life.
Eternal life (zoe) is the whole future of the redeemed, and the final glory and reward to which the children of God enter.
Jesus says he is the way, the truth and the life (zoe).
Luke 16:9, 1Tim 6:12, Rom 6:22, Gal 6:8, 1Tim 1:16, Rom 5:21, John 14:6.

Today, we head out camping for the next five days with many many friends. This is an annual event to celebrate Canada Day!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Preapproval... DONE!

通 知
你们递交的Timothy ... 和 Paige ... 收养四川(省、市、自治区)广安市社会福利院儿童吕杰的申请已收到,经过对该家庭为该儿童制定的医疗康复及抚育计划的审核,中国收养中心同意将其申请文件转入收养特殊需要儿童的程序处理,特此告知。


June 28,2010
The application of Timothy ... and Paige ... for adoption of LV JIE from Guangan Social Welfare Institute, Sichuan Welfare Institute Sichan province that you submitted was received. It is hereby advised that with a review of the Rehabilitation and Nurture Plan for the Child made by the family, the China Centre of Adoption Affairs agrees to move this application file into the procedure for adoption of special-need children.

China Centre of Adoption Affairs

This is the first step in the CCAA's job of reviewing our paperwork. Our Letter of Intent was sent in Thursday, so it took only four days!


Now they will look through our dossier and make sure everything is in order. We will then be sent a Letter Seeking Confirmation that we still want to adopt Jie. This is the part that can take awhile. I will be very curious to see how fast this letter comes.


I am really hoping it comes quickly, as Lilah is asking numerous times a day.... "When is Zoe coming home? When is my sister coming?" And yesterday, in the car... "Are we going to get Zoe now?"


Friday, June 25, 2010

Why adopt again?

I want to explain a little bit of our process with preparing to adopt Zoe, because I know that for most people this was a huge surprise!

Shortly after adopting Lilah in May 2009, we started thinking we should adopt a little sister for her. Anyone who has been through this experience can tell you that it changes you in ways that are unexplainable and that your eyes are opened to something that few people ever see. When we had started the adoption process with Lilah, three years ago, we had asked for one girl or twin girls. Tim made a comment that we would end up with two. So in a round about way, we have. And I said to him the other day, "Here are your twins!"

We started the paperwork in January and it was a lot easier this time, as we could use a lot of what we had already pulled together for our first adoption. Yet, the paperwork took a long time! Five months. Our dossier went to China on May 25th, and we had a LID of May 28th. The rules have changed since we adopted Lilah, and you now need a LID to be matched with a child, especially from our agency, as they feel that the kids who are lingering on the list have to many medical needs and our provinces won't match us with them, in most cases.

One list comes out a month, and all agencies in North America see the new listings at the same time and scramble to pull files for their clients as fast as possible. The June list was released on the 22nd, and that is the list that Zoe was on. So after waiting for the paperwork, we were matched off the first list, so really.... it has all gone very quickly.

I think our waiting to go get her will go by quickly too... with the kids out for summer, three weeks of holidays and lots of camping, September will be here before we know it and September is when we are hoping we will travel. But it all depends on China at this point and how fast they approve us and review our dossier.

I don't expect to get much information on Zoe while we wait. I have been researching her Social Welfare Institute and there is nothing anywhere about it. I have found an address and have signed up for a very inactive yahoo group, and that is all. I have been told it is a fairly new SWI (1995) and that it hasn't done a lot of international adoptions. It is also fairly small. Guang'an has no airport and so we will stay in the Capital Chengdu when we travel, which is about 1 1/2 hours away. As soon as we get our pre approval from the CCAA (China Centre of Adoption Affairs), we will send a care package and request some additional medical information (hers is all 8 months old) and hopefully get some new updated photos of our Zoe.

The day before our referral (I knew the list was coming out) I had great peace that our Zoe was on this list, I read this verse on another blog and it just reinforced that we would see her face soon.

I rejoice in your strength Lord
How great is my Joy in the victories You give!
You have granted me my heart's desire
and have not withheld the requests of my lips
You came to greet me with rich blessings
and placed a crown of pure gold on my head
I asked you for LIFE and You gave HER to me
I trust in You, through Your unfailing love
I will not be shaken
Be exalted in your strength, Lord
I will sing and praise your might.

God answered everything I asked for about this child with a "YES". I asked for virtual twins. YES. I asked for a simple straight forward special need. YES. I asked that we would know as soon as we saw her. YES. I asked for her to be pretty (I know this may sound petty - but with 5 other pretty kids, I felt she should be pretty too). YES. I asked for her to be from a more rural area that not many people go to. YES. I asked that it would all work out time-wise with all that we have planned in the Fall. YES.

This is one more photo from when Zoe was 18 months old. She is getting ready for her surgery and has an IV in her head. But could she be anymore beautiful?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Introducing our Daughter

"The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy..." -- Psalm 126:3

This beautiful 3 year old girl is waiting for us in China...


Chinese name: Lv Jie
Birthday: April 27, 2007 (19 days before Lilah's)
Orphanage: Guang'an Social Welfare Institute, Sichuan province
Weight: 24 lbs.
Height: 84 cm

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Barney Song

You will have to turn off my music to view this video and fully enjoy Lilah's singing. I was sick of this song 15 years ago when Abby used to sing it and yet the show is still on and all of my kids have sung it throughout the years.

The words have been changed slightly, due to the fact that my boys had taught her some not so very nice words to the song and I had to tell them to fix it!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

"Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!" -- Lydia M. Child


It is really hard to get a good picture with all of these kids!


And Tim doesn't exactly cooperate either.


Poor Abby just sits there and tries to ignore it... she is use to it all.


As crazy as they all are, I love this picture. Eli's face. Pure JOY!

The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed the day in our own yard.



Tim was on call and had to go in for a few hours this morning, but once he was home he was just happy to finally get the kayak out.



Happy Father's Day to all the special men in our lives: Doug (my Dad), Stan (Tim's Dad), Opa (my Grandpa) and of course, Tim, the love of our lives!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

TJ and Lilah

tj berrytales-1

Lilah loves her TJ Bearytales. TJ is a talking bear who tells stories very adamently! Lilah can follow along in the books with pictures.

tj berrytales-3

TJ has a little ladybug friend named Lilah. And our Lilah is thrilled when she hears the bear say her name.

tj berrytales-2

Lilah loves books and being read to. TJ comes in pretty handy when mommy is busy.

tj berrytales-6

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: {4/5}

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." -- Dr. Seuss

abby june-34

I love how photography can capture personality like nothing else can. These photos were taken the day of Abby's grade nine grad. Micah, above, is all pure six year old sweetness.

Eli has a huge personality. One extreme or the other. It is always hard to get him to smile nicely for the camera. But really, this is him...

abby june-35

This photo is a bit of chaos. But when trying to photograph 4/5 of my children, this is typically what you get. But this is them, at this time in their lives!

abby june-28

See more black and white photographs at The Long Road to China.

Monday, June 14, 2010


bar v nok-20

Every year our church has a weekend camping trip to Pigeon Lake. I for the most part spend it in the kitchen with some other girls cooking, but we tried to get out as much as possible this weekend because the weather was beautiful.

Eli waiting oh so patiently to go in one of the boats... he would be in it all day if he was allowed!

bar v nok-09

Lilah was excited to go in the boat, until she was actually in the boat.

bar v nok-08

bar v nok-02

Eli is always the clown...

bar v nok-10

Getting out can have it downside apparently. We were sitting around visiting when a stray baseball flew out of nowhere and hit me in the collarbone. I spent the rest of the evening in my trailer with an ice pack and needless to say, my kitchen duties were done. I had x-rays done last night and it doesn't look like anything is broken (there may be something on the collarbone, according to the orthopedic surgeon) but it is likely just some trauma and deep bruising.

Tim playing with the dogs...

bar v nok-15 bar v nok-14

And because I love churches... I had to post a picture of this little church that sits on the grounds.

bar v nok-17

Friday, June 11, 2010

More from China

These photos were taken on the day of Tim's hike.



Yes, the lake is this green. It is pretty from afar, up close, not so much. They are working on cleaning it up.




You think the regular squatty potties are bad... try an outhouse squatty potty!


These next photos were taken at the hospital.

china 1-1

china 2-1

Three OR's going on in the same room, at the same time. And this next one... the oxygen pillow.

china 3-1

Thursday, June 10, 2010

God's Heart: Adoption

You will need to turn off my music at the bottom of the page before viewing this video.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Coming Home


Tomorrow, Tim heads home. It will take about 24 hours if you add in all the stops and layovers.


On his last day, he finally had some time to do some touring. He headed into the mountains with another Canadian Doctor and his wife, along with a local Doctor and his wife. They spent the day hiking and seeing some of the sights.


I think he did this next pose just to give me a heart attack. The fool.



Here are some photos of the food he has been enjoying!

Anyone hungry?