Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Coming Home


Tomorrow, Tim heads home. It will take about 24 hours if you add in all the stops and layovers.


On his last day, he finally had some time to do some touring. He headed into the mountains with another Canadian Doctor and his wife, along with a local Doctor and his wife. They spent the day hiking and seeing some of the sights.


I think he did this next pose just to give me a heart attack. The fool.



Here are some photos of the food he has been enjoying!

Anyone hungry?


The Denis Family said...

Yikes! Just what kind of soup is that?

Can't wait to hear about his surgeries!

Monica said...

Eek - I think I just lost my appetite.

That photo of Tim next to the ledge practically gave ME a heart attack! I'm so afraid of heights I wouldn't get within 20 feet of that ledge!

Wishing Tim a safe journey home,


Colin and Jill Canada said...

I have to say, even though that photo gave you a heart attack, me is simply fabulous!

And yeah, that food brings back memories, no good ones either!


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing the rooster's cleaned head on the table with the main meal at my Kusler grandparents. My mom said it was such a pain to clean but this was my grandfather's piece. Maybe Tim takes after his great-grandfather.

Marie said...

That's disgusting! I don't think I would be able to eat that! I love the pics of the countryside. . . the one of Tim is freaky!

Dixie-Lee said...

Yes, Tim, I remember my mother - your grandmother Kusler used to always make the chicken feet with the chicken, don't remember the head though. She used to always be the one to eat the feet too.