Monday, June 28, 2010

Preapproval... DONE!

通 知
你们递交的Timothy ... 和 Paige ... 收养四川(省、市、自治区)广安市社会福利院儿童吕杰的申请已收到,经过对该家庭为该儿童制定的医疗康复及抚育计划的审核,中国收养中心同意将其申请文件转入收养特殊需要儿童的程序处理,特此告知。


June 28,2010
The application of Timothy ... and Paige ... for adoption of LV JIE from Guangan Social Welfare Institute, Sichuan Welfare Institute Sichan province that you submitted was received. It is hereby advised that with a review of the Rehabilitation and Nurture Plan for the Child made by the family, the China Centre of Adoption Affairs agrees to move this application file into the procedure for adoption of special-need children.

China Centre of Adoption Affairs

This is the first step in the CCAA's job of reviewing our paperwork. Our Letter of Intent was sent in Thursday, so it took only four days!


Now they will look through our dossier and make sure everything is in order. We will then be sent a Letter Seeking Confirmation that we still want to adopt Jie. This is the part that can take awhile. I will be very curious to see how fast this letter comes.


I am really hoping it comes quickly, as Lilah is asking numerous times a day.... "When is Zoe coming home? When is my sister coming?" And yesterday, in the car... "Are we going to get Zoe now?"



Colin and Jill Canada said...

These shots are amazing Paige. Lilah is so beautiful.

Gosh pre-approval aldready... that is brilliant news! I love how fast this process is now. We waited 9 months from referral to travel and I cringe every time I think of how extra long she had to wait. But it's God's timing, right? Maybe we (or she) needed more time to prepare our hearts.

I totally get you on Lilah asking those questions, it's going to be a tough wait for her. I'm so glad she's so excited though! Our girl is big into asking those kind of questions at the moment too, especially if she is excited about something. I dread our drive out East next month - Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet!!!


The Drinkwaters said...

Yey! I will keep hoping all of your paperwork is processed just as quickly!

Denise said...

That's wonderful that she is so excited about Zoe coming home. I hope they grow up to be super close, best friends!

Canada to China and back! said...

Awesome news! I think we were 7 days to PA and 17 days to LOA! So you may be even quicker than us:0) How exciting would that be? Oh I can't waith to watch your journey! Have you started shopping yet?

Monica said...

Great news! That is so fast!

Wow, these are beautiful photos, Paige. I truly love all of your photographs, but some just take my breath away. These are in that category! I love how you posted the position of the last two photos - very cool. And that last one of her feet is one of my favourite feet pictures you've taken. It's beautiful.

Monica said...

Paige, congrats! That's such great news! Loving the photos of Lilah...fabulous. Lilah sounds as excited about Zoe as Maimie is about her new sister. It's going to be a looong wait for these little sweeties.