Thursday, July 15, 2010


Tomorrow we head out for three weeks of holidays. This sign sums it up for how I am feeling right now! It is so much work to get ready, and then to come home. I know once we are out and on our way, I will not be so stressed and will say it is all worth it. We are camping for the first two weeks in three different places (and spending a couple of days at my parents) and then heading to the mountains to stay at a condo with some friends.

This is the first year that Tim has taken three weeks off in a row and I am so excited that we get this amount of time to spend as a family, with family and friends.

I have a couple of friends waiting for referrals this month and I will be checking my email and updating my blog when I get the chance to do so. Good luck everyone!

We are also waiting for our Letter Seeking Confirmation. I was hoping it would miraculously show up before we left, but it hasn't. I expect it will come when we are gone and so it will be a bit of a pain to have it sent out and for us to sign it wherever we are. It would take a miracle for us to travel in the September group at this point. Our agency isn't traveling the end of September and the beginning of October because of the Moon Festival. The next trip would be October 9th. We will see what happens...


Beth said...

Have a great time. Praying for really nice weather for you all and safe travels:)

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Have a wonderful time Paige. Sounds beautiful, especially the condo part!

I know the crazy woman feeling all too well - especially if your hubby is like mine and he think's a snap of fingers will make it all happen!! Not that I'm complaining! :) Oh and how great is it that your hubby has 3 weeks off, I would have thought that was unheard of as a surgeon. Makes the time even better and more precious.

Now relax and enjoy yourself. I'll miss you. :)


The Drinkwaters said...

I'll be crossing my fingers that your LSC comes quickly. October 9th you say....Hmmmmm......?