Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Writing On Stone

As the sun sets, the clear blue sky of the day gives way to the pitch black night sky with countless stars. There are many origins of the Star People. These stories tell of the children who were lost or neglected and went to live in the sky. To honor these Star People, the Blackfoot often paint circles on the upper part of their tipi's. These remind us to always care for our children.





After our weekend in Elkwater, we headed off to Writing On Stone Provincial Park. This is a park on the Canada/USA border that is all Hoodoo's. There are many ancient indian carvings all over the park, sadly there is also a lot of graffiti. Our kids wanted to hike all the time and jump from Hoodoo to Hoodoo.




This seems to be Lilah's new pose when I pull out my camera...



Colin and Jill Canada said...

I actually laughed out loud at Lilah's pose, oh my goodness she is so funny and cute!

There are two or three of these pictures that I commented on in flickr, they are so amazing. And that saying you have written at the top, I read it first when i logged into flickr and it about broke my heart.

Looks like a really cool vacation spot.

Marie said...

Love Lilah's pose! Making memories is so much fun!

Denise said...

Beautiful pics, Paige. It looks like your having a lot of fun. Lilah's pose is too cute!

Monica said...

Your vacation pictures are so beautiful! You do a great job bringing out the incredible colours of nature.

Lilah's pose is very similar to one of Claire's signature poses! Seeing Lilah do that fancy maneouver is too cute!