Friday, August 20, 2010

Abigail: {grade 10}


I can't believe I have a child about to enter high school. To my American friends, high school starts in grade 10 in Canada, and we say grade 10, instead of tenth grade.


She will be starting at Strathcona High School, knowing nobody. She chose this school because of the sports and academics, knowing that it will get her where she wants to be in the future, rather than choosing a school where her friends will be.


Right now, I pray that she will make some great new friends, friends that have the same focus as she does. That the next three years will be a time of maturing and growing and joy for her!



Ellie said...

What gorgeous photos - your daughter is just beautiful!

Thanks for your input on my kitchen - we just heard from the builder that they won't allow any changes - so i will have to be happy with the ubatuba :( I was getting so excited about the santa cecelia too. Thank again.

Monica said...

These are stunning! Great choice of background and parasol colour to go with Abby's shirt. Good luck in Grade 10, Abby!

teresa said...

Great photos! I'm sure she'll do really well in high school. Funny enough, in BC, high school started in grade 8, but here in Ontario it starts in grade 9.

The Denis Family said...

My Mackenzie will be entering Grade 6 next year and at her school the classes go from 6-12....I'm nervous already!

Abby is beautiful! And smart....she seems to be making wise choices!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

I still haven't figured out the school system here! :)

I hope she makes some great friends too, because they really make your life (at that age) a good or bad experience!


Denise said...

Beautiful pictures, Paige. Abby is getting more beautiful every year. I hope she finds some really good friends - she's a brave kid to go to a school where she doesn't know anyone. Not too many teens have the guts to do that. Good for her!

The Drinkwaters said...

Happy first day of Grade 10!

I hope Abby enjoys her new school. High school can be a wonderful time to make life long memories.

Marie said...

Abby is gorgeous... you will need someone guarding your front door! :) I remember changing schools...not fun! But like Abby, I had a goal in mind and that made the transition easier. Good luck Abby!