Saturday, August 28, 2010

Room for Two


So, after a big shuffle of bedrooms in our house, we are now ready to bring Zoe home. She has a room, she has a bed, she has toys and she has clothes.


Lilah asks every night when Zoe will come home. The other night she asked and then continued to say "Zoe NEEDS to come home." I agree. She does.


Once the kids are back in school, I look forward to organizing for our trip and figuring out what is still needed for Zoe. The shopping should be fun!



Monica said...

Love the girlies' room. Zoe does need to come home soon. It's such a good feeling to prepare a spot for a new little one.
We are getting close, but I did save a little decorating for this fall when I'm bummed about missing her birthday.

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Aww, the room looks absolutely spectacular! Love the butterflies.

Lilah is right!


Denise said...

It's a very welcoming room... just a bit too tidy. It needs some toys lying around to make it more real ;) It's wonderful that Lilah is so excited to have another sister. They will be so good for each other!

The Drinkwaters said...

Can you come to my house and help me get my girl's room ready?

Lilah and Zoe's room looks very comfortable, warm and inviting. Just right for two little girls!

Marie said...

What a cozy room! The shopping is fun...enjoy! I agree it is time for Zoe to come home. The wait is far too long!

Mommy said... is precious! Can't wait to see both of them perched up on those precious beds. YAY!