Friday, August 13, 2010


While on vacation our kids swam just about every day. The boys mostly jump and dive in over and over and over again.





I realized after I downloaded the photos, how much everybody in the pool was just sitting there watching them...



Lilah also became very comfortable in the water. We put water wings on her and she was completely comfortable in the deep end, swimming back and forth between adults, doing little spins, etc.


In the kiddie pool she would lay on me tummy and "swim" with her arms. She was very proud of herself. Then she would lay on her back and try to float. She was "swimming" just like the big kids do.



Colin and Jill Canada said...

Those boys put on quite a show, it's no wonder they were being watched!

And wow, good for Lilah, she is super confident in the water! Our Lilah is not a confident in the water...especially in the pool. She doesn't trust her water wings! And can't stand getting too much water on her face!


Marie said...

The first thing I noticed was everyone enjoying the show! I love seeing Lilah so comfortable in the water, not to mention sooo very cute!

Monica said...

Way to go, Lilah! That's awesome she's so comfortable in the water.

Your photos of the boys jumping off the diving board are great! All those faces turned towards the boys are hilarious. How nice of your kids to provide free entertainment!