Sunday, August 15, 2010

Zoe's Finding Ad


We received Zoe's finding ad. I was hoping to see a much younger picture of her, but this ad wasn't even placed until she was about 2 1/2 years old. It seems to be just a formality to prepare a child for adoption in this case (and in the cases of the other girls listed on the same page) rather than to find their family.


I need to dig into some of Zoe's biography, once I get the kids back to school. A lot of it doesn't really make sense regarding her finding spot, the police station she was taken to, and then ending up in the orphanage she did.


She was found at five months old in a chicken market at night. The police found her. This definitely makes me wonder about what the circumstances were regarding her abandonment. Her needs were visible from the day she was born, so did the parents hope to keep her? Did they give her up when they became pregnant once again? Were her needs preventing her from staying healthy and they realized they couldn't care for her or provide for her the way she deserved?

Whatever the circumstances, I hope it was out of love. I wish the parents of these girls could at least know where they go and the opportunities that are given to them, as a mother that would at least give you some peace of mind in amongst such a devastating decision.


Charlotte said...

I recently read Secret Daughter. Praying with you that one day, if it is the best, God would open doors so that both Zoe and Lilah will be able to bring peace and joy to the hearts of their birth moms. In the meantime, may God grant these moms some sort of peace regarding their daughters, just because He can.

Marie said...

Secret Daughter is a must read! I know how you feel. . .I really wish we had more info on Malia's history. I pray that somehow she will have "a peace that passes all understanding" in regards to her bio family. I am amazed at the amount of info you are getting. We received a total of 4 photos(as well as a copy of the finding ad, which is very blurry), with little info on the orphanage, and none on her foster home. I'll be praying that you can find more info.

The Denis Family said...

I am reading that book right now is really good.

That is a great shot of the finding ad page. I only have Miah's small ad and it is not very clear. And yes-it looks to be that the ad was just placed as a part of getting her ready for adoption.

Zoe looks very sweet and beautiful! Can;t wait to watch you go get her!


Colin and Jill Canada said...

Each time I see and read one of our daughter's finding ads, I have a lump in my throat and my eyes fill with right now. I feel so sad that we will tell our children about this experience some day and they will quite probably feel devastated.

I pray you will get to the bottom of her little story.