Tuesday, September 21, 2010

45 Days


Thanks for all the ideas for counting down our days to go get Zoe. 45 to go!


Time is going quickly and yet when I would think of how much longer, I would think in weeks or a month and a half. As I made this chain for Lilah, I realized I liked the sound of 45 days so much better...


We are getting to know our travel group and are swapping emails regarding what to pack, what to expect, etc. I think they are going to be a great group of people! Most of the kids are under two years old and most have cleft lip/palates. And they are all so gorgeous!


Lilah continues to talk to Zoe throughout the day. She gets somewhat bossy and demanding... "Zoe! You stand right there!" "Zoe! Don't you move!" And then "Zoe, would you like to play babies?"



Shawna said...

I love the chain, Lilah is going to be such a great sister to Zoe.

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Love how much she's stretching her neck to see the top of the chain in that last photo!

She IS going to be a great sister.


Monica said...

Fun way to count down. Our kids always make calendars to count down the days until Christmas using stickers each night at bedtime. I'll bet Lilah will really enjoy the chain, though. I'm so excited for you guys...it's getting so close!

Melanie said...

Hahaha - I can't wait to see what she thinks when Zoe becomes a real live person...who talks back and might not be quite as compliant as she likes! :P

Praying already that they will adjust famously. They sure are loved, and have fantastic parents!

Marie said...

Love the chain idea! I like the sound of 45 days...makes it seem that much closer! So excited for you! Praying that everything will go smoothly and that the time will pass quickly!