Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Connected Child

I just finished reading The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis and it is the best adoption book that I have read so far. It is a book that we plan to take along with us to China to deal with situations as they arise, because it is full of suggestions, stories, examples and is completely practical.

As I read it, I adjusted my thinking as to how best to deal with some of Lilah's issues as well. I found that a lot of it is common sense, but that the way to deal with a high risk child can be very simple and straightforward as well. She shows you how to be gentle and firm at the same time, that your children benefit the most by having boundaries and consequences for their actions.

This book is geared towards high risk children that have been adopted or that are in foster care. Children that have suffered from post traumatic stress (which Lilah did and Zoe likely will too) among many other more severe issues.

There is also a study guide that is based on this book as well called Created to Connect - A Christian's Guide to The Connected Child - and I am working my way through that right now. You can download this study guide at:


Canada to China and back! said...

Sounds like a great book Paige. You must be getting so excited,I know I am, and I can't wait to follow your blog while you are away.


Colin and Jill Canada said...

I will definitely have to check out this book....and the link you provided. Thanks!

I totally agree with the boundaries and consequenses approach though. I know all children are different, but it works well for our Lilah.


Mamá Gringa said...

Yep, it is one of my favourite adoption books to date. We found this one earlier this year and I read it from cover to cover in preparation for our last assessment. Every parent (not just adoptive parents) should read it.