Saturday, September 11, 2010

Show and Tell


Today we were asked to come to our adoption agencies International Adoption Course to do show and tell with Lilah. We have done this before and I am always excited to go because I remember being at the stage all these couples are at... THE BEGINNING! And it was so exciting to finally start the process of adding to our family through adoption.

We told them our experiences and gave them some advice and of course explained how much we love China and the waiting child program. I think the biggest thing they are shocked by is the timeline. Compared to so many other countries, the China waiting child program is super fast. They asked a ton of questions and of course thought Lilah was adorable.


Lilah is so excited to have Zoe come home. She asks constantly when we are going to get her. She walks around the house talking to Zoe on her phone, planning a sleepover and of course, Zoe wants to come! It seems Zoe is kind of her imaginary friend at the moment. I hope it won't throw her off to discover Zoe is a real live person who is going to change all of our lives in a big way!


Colin and Jill Canada said...

What a gorgeous girl you are Lilah Mei! I can only imagine how wonderful it is to do show and tell with her again...China will be getting lots more response just from them seeing your beautiful girl.

I can still very very distinctly remember the little girl that came for 'show and tell' to the info session we attended. I think Colin and I talked about her ALL night! :)

Since your last show and tell, I can see Lilah has grown SO MUCH in confidence, the love she is getting from your family shines from her beautiful little face. She is an incredible girl.

And you won't believe this, but there are imaginary friends in our house too. Their names are Toopie and Beeno. They do a lot of fun things together, but just yesterday Lilah told Colin they are dead. I overheard her and asked, what does dead mean Lilah? She answered, "It's when your heart stops beating!" ...Yeah, I was kinda lost for words on that one!

Love these shots of Lilah.


Ellie said...

What a sweetie your Lilah is - I'm sure lots of families will add children from China because of you and Lilah!

My friend just got back from China TODAY! and it was so fun to see how her family is settling - I bet Lilah will love having a REAL imaginary friend :) too cute!

Canada to China and back! said...

I love show and tell! I am sure everyone at the training session will be talking about your sweet Lilah for a long time!


Marie said...

What a wonderful way to share your story! I'm sure many people will consider China because of you.

Monica said...

I can imagine that Lilah would inspire a lot of people towards the Waiting Child program! Your pictures here are adorable!