Saturday, October 30, 2010

She's not so nerdy...


Abby decided to dress up as a nerd for school yesterday. She only had a half day of classes because of a volleyball tournament, so I wasn't really willing to go all out for her costume.


We found a cute plaid skirt that she can wear again, an old white blouse, Tim's great grandpa's suspenders and we splurged and bought some nerd glasses.


I don't think she can even really pull off the nerd thing, she is just way too pretty! She looked like a cross between a nerd and a school teacher, you know one of those ones, that you know is really pretty and that in the end she is going to let down her hair, take off the glasses and be gorgeous...


Oh well, we tried... she can't help it that she is so darn cute and smart to boot!


Monica said...

She is just too cute! You're right, too. Kinda puts me in the mind of Anne Hathaway in the Princess Diaries. You know she's supposed to look dorky, but you've already seen how incredible she looks normally, so it just doesn't really work for you. Sorry, make a better princess than nerd!

arnie&bekah said...

seriously cute nerd!~

Colin and Jill Canada said...

I totally agree, she is WAYYY too gorgeous to pull off the nerd thing!


Jennifer said...

just saw your comment on my blog...where are you staying in China while in Guangzhou???? Maybe we will get to meet:)

Jennifer said...

We will be in Beijing for a few days and are staying at Park Plaza, I think)