Monday, October 25, 2010

Tidbits of information

I have had contact with a lady in the Netherlands since June, when we were both matched with little girls from Guang'an SWI. She is in China now and got her daughter last night. We both have had zero information throughout this whole process of waiting and so I have been eagerly awaiting news from her regarding how her little girl is doing.

She emailed me this morning to let me know that her daughter is doing amazingly well and she feels that she was very well prepared for what was going to happen. When Bianca went into the room to wait for her child, the child was brought in by her nanny and instantly recognized her. When it was their turn to meet, the child jumped onto her lap very happily.

Three children were adopted from that SWI yesterday. A two year old, a three year old and a seven year old. All of them were well prepared and looked healthy (maybe a little underfed) and well cared for. Bianca's daughter even knew how to use a Chinese potty all by herself. The first time she cried was when she was given a bath, but was happy once again when she saw she had new pyjamas. She also knew how to use a spoon.

The hotel is not nearly as nice as the ones in more urban China and the food is apparently not so good either. Bianca is going to try to visit the SWI, but likely will not be able to as it is actually a four hour drive away from Chengdu. We had been told it was only an hour and a half.

I am so excited to follow her blog in these next two weeks (even though it is in Dutch - I translate it with google translator) so I can have a better sense of what to expect. Then it will be our turn to go... 11 more days!


The Denis Family said...

Wow-So nice to have someone to talk to who has "been there done that"! Her little one is very cute!

Yay 11 days!!!!


Monica said...

So helpful to have this little glimpse into how Zoie has been prepared and in the area that you will be meeting her. Can't wait to follow you in 11 days!
Thinking of you, friend.

Canada to China and back! said...

That is amazing that you had the oppurtunity to chat with this lady! 11 days!?! How did that happen? I can't waith to follow your blog I will be checking daily while you are in China!


Marie said...

Glad you have that connection to Zoe! I'm still trying to get more info on Malia and Raina as well...frustrating!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Every little pick of information means so much to a waiting Mommy. It's so nice that she is passing on information.

You must be on pins and needles to get her now. SO exciting. 11 days will be here before you know it!


Kennedy and Jaida's mom said...

That sounds like wonderful news! Can't wait to follow you along to China!

Beth said...

11 Days!!! I'm sure it will go quick! Can't wait to follow:)

The Drinkwaters said...

How wonderful to receive these tidbits of information! Can't wait until Zoe is in your arms.

Denise said...

So good to hear the good reports! You have been amazingly patient with the little (no) info that you have received. Praying that Zoe's transition will be smooth as well!

Monica said...

That information is such a treasure while you're waiting, isn't it? I cannot believe you are now in your final waiting days!