Sunday, October 24, 2010

A time for... Volleyball

Volleyball 170-2

Right now, our lives seem to revolve around volleyball practices, volleyball games and volleyball tournaments.

Volleyball 243-2

We love that our kids are involved in so many sports, but it keeps us going constantly! Sometimes it is overwhelming!

Volleyball 238-2

This is Josiah's first year playing volleyball and being one of the two grade seven's, he doesn't always get to play a lot and when he does he gets pretty hard on himself. But he is learning and doing really well. This weekend he played quite a bit, but their team did come in last in their tournament.

These photos were taken by a friend of mine (thanks Kirsty!) I just edited them a bit.

v-ball 228-2

Then there is Abby's team...


It is like watching REAL volleyball. They are so good! Abby has improved so much this year, it amazes me to watch her. She has really great coaches and the team has a blast together, which I believe is what makes them so good.


I had to take a picture of her favorite ref. This little Asian woman loves reffing these games and is very enthusiastic. She carries her little stool with her everywhere she goes!


Abby's team won Gold this weekend in the Scona Junior Volleyball Classic.



Colin and Jill Canada said...

I love the processing in that last photo. Great colours! And congrats to Abby and her team! Way to go! And I'm sure if Josiah didn't have to sit on the bench so much, his team would do MUCH better! :)


PS - Just saw your ticker, TWO weeks until Zoe is in your arms. My oh my. It is fast approaching! :)

Marie said...

I know what you mean about the kids schedule being overwhelming at times. We've actually cut back on a few things, but that is more difficult to do as the kids get older. I guess the best thing we can do is enjoy the moment. :)