Monday, November 29, 2010

The Perfect Photo

Some of my blogger friends like Jill and Monica, have been talking about capturing the perfect Christmas photo of their kids. These woman are two of my favorite photographers! Christmas feels like it is sneaking up on me fast and so I haven't been too creative with my photography this year. I needed quick, wintery, clear photos of my kids for our card and these are what I got. Simple and clear shots of my kids in all of their beauty!







And a couple that didn't make the cut... but I love them anyway.



Saturday, November 27, 2010

In the Christmas Spirit


At our house we are getting into the Christmas spirit a little bit earlier than usual.


With all of the snowfall, it has really put us in the spirit of Christmas.


On December 15th, we head to the Bahamas for a week of sunny holidays. We don't get back until the 22nd, and so everything needs to be done before we go.


This is Zoe's first Christmas and she is enthralled with everything bright and beautiful.


I have a feeling decorations may disappear off of the tree.


But I know, this will be the best Christmas yet!


I was having fun with my camera... Christmas lights are perfect for bokeh!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010



What a little joy she is. It amazes me how adaptable these kids are. She has welcomed all these new changes in her life with so much joy and happiness. She is a little ham... she walks around the house being silly and laughing. Physically, she is walking with better balance and has learned to do stairs (at 3 1/2 years she couldn't walk down steps without falling). She goes to sleep like a little dream, as long as she is next to my bed and has gotten many kisses first.


Zoe's food issues have disappeared since we came home. She doesn't need to eat constantly or hide food in her pockets. She is adjusting to our different types of food, but is a really good eater and is willing to try anything. She is picking up english quickly and things will come out of the blue. The toilet paper ran out yesterday and she said to me "All gone!". We are working on using "Please" to get what she wants, instead of whining, and she is beginning to figure it out.


She is so affectionate! She is always giving kisses and asking for kisses in return. She wraps her arms around you and hugs you tight. She still needs mommy to be very close and if I go off to do something, she is calling for me, to make sure I am there. She is slowly opening up to her daddy.

We are completely in love with this girl! She has the sweetest laugh, the softest voice and the chubbiest little neck to kiss.


You Are Mine

I did not hear your first breath,
Nor see your first step,
But you are mine.

From our hearts to our home,
With God's love from above,
You are mine.

Once a thought in my mind,
Only God knew the time,
Now you are mine.

-- Denise A. Johnson

I am joining in on Black and White Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My most beautiful camera bag


Yesterday, was my birthday. This was my gift from Tim. Of course, I led him to it!


Could it be any more perfect? I love that it doubles as a camera bag, yet looks like a purse. My wallet and maybe a couple pull ups even fit in it.


The last couple of days have been rough with jetlag. For us and the girls. Last night I finally took some melatonin and slept through (other than the power going out at 3:30am and Tim getting up, showering and heading out the door, only to realize it was 4am!) Zoe slept through for the first time as well. The past few nights Tim and I were only sleeping 2 - 4 hours per night and the girls were awake in there for 2 - 4 hours as well. Not fun! But we seem to be on the right track finally.

I have been trying to capture the girls together, but that seems to turn into a gong show every time! I will keep trying...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome Home

We didn't arrive in Edmonton until 11:30 pm last night and so the boys were sleeping when we got home. Abby and my mom came and picked us up at the airport. Friends of ours, Doug and Nancy and Craig and Shawna, were there to welcome us, which was amazing considering the time and the weather.

We had a long night. We slept from midnight until 2 am, then were up until 6 am, then back asleep until noon. Lilah slept the best out of all of us, but woke up a few times.

Zoe did really well today. She spent the day checking out the house and the toys. She still can't find the bathroom and usually leads me into the pantry by mistake. She loved playing with the other kids (we kept them home from school today) and laughed a lot. She was very ready for bedtime tonight and went to sleep quickly. Hopefully, she won't wake up and realize I am not there.



We celebrated with a welcome home cake.

The kids all enjoyed the gifts we brought home for them.


Home safe

We are home despite 2 delays and slippery roads, safely. Now hopefully we can sleep.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flight Delay

The flight to Vancouver had a major delay. They may not make it home till Friday.
The Vancouver to Edmonton flight leaves at 8:05pm. We do not know when it will arrive.
They Boarded thier flight from China at 7:26am this morning, and will update us when they get to Vancouver.

Keep them in your prayers!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goodbye China

Tomorrow, we leave China at 6pm. We are ready to come home and see our kids and get into a normal routine again. It will be nice to have some CONTROLLED chaos. Zoe is really really sweet and very loving. She gives me kisses all the time, plays with my hair and rubs my face. At night, she curls up right next to me and in the morning she crawls over into my bed to cuddle. (She is in a crib right beside our bed, where the side rail folds down so it is level with the bed). Zoe is coming out of her shell more and more, and as she gets more comfortable she gets harder to handle. She doesn't understand what we say (except no) and sometimes can be completely disobedient and quite wild. We understand why she acts this way and that she just doesn't know, since she has had no boundries in the past... but it will all be a lot easier to deal with at home, where it isn't always go go go.

Yesterday, we went to the silk factory and the pearl market. We did a lot of shopping and bargaining. This morning we skipped out on the tour to The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, to stay and sleep in and have a lazy day at the hotel. We did a bit more shopping and paperwork.

Tonight, was the Goodbye China party at a local restaurant. The Peking Duck, in Peking, was amazing! There was a magician for the kids and a birthday cake for all of us who have had birthdays while here (Tim's is today - the 17th and mine is next week). The kids were given beautiful scrolls with their names painted on them and Lilah and the other children who have been here before, were given traditional dolls.

We are not looking forward to the very long flight, hopefully the girls will cooperate. Lilah will, Zoe likes to sleep in a bed in the dark. We might have to feed her for 11 hours straight. Good thing there are many other families on this flight with us! So looking forward to seeing my kids and parents, my house, my own bed and a hot bath.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Summer Palace

Today, we went to the summer palace. It is such a beautiful place, but today was a very cold day and that made it not very pleasant. Tomorrow, we are going to shop ALL DAY. Hopefully we will find some good deals on some of the items we are looking for.

I am tired and cold and am going to go have a hot bath now that the girls are asleep.

Enjoy the pictures!

PS she is not actually kissing me. I was feeding her fishy I can do at this point.