Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goodbye China

Tomorrow, we leave China at 6pm. We are ready to come home and see our kids and get into a normal routine again. It will be nice to have some CONTROLLED chaos. Zoe is really really sweet and very loving. She gives me kisses all the time, plays with my hair and rubs my face. At night, she curls up right next to me and in the morning she crawls over into my bed to cuddle. (She is in a crib right beside our bed, where the side rail folds down so it is level with the bed). Zoe is coming out of her shell more and more, and as she gets more comfortable she gets harder to handle. She doesn't understand what we say (except no) and sometimes can be completely disobedient and quite wild. We understand why she acts this way and that she just doesn't know, since she has had no boundries in the past... but it will all be a lot easier to deal with at home, where it isn't always go go go.

Yesterday, we went to the silk factory and the pearl market. We did a lot of shopping and bargaining. This morning we skipped out on the tour to The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, to stay and sleep in and have a lazy day at the hotel. We did a bit more shopping and paperwork.

Tonight, was the Goodbye China party at a local restaurant. The Peking Duck, in Peking, was amazing! There was a magician for the kids and a birthday cake for all of us who have had birthdays while here (Tim's is today - the 17th and mine is next week). The kids were given beautiful scrolls with their names painted on them and Lilah and the other children who have been here before, were given traditional dolls.

We are not looking forward to the very long flight, hopefully the girls will cooperate. Lilah will, Zoe likes to sleep in a bed in the dark. We might have to feed her for 11 hours straight. Good thing there are many other families on this flight with us! So looking forward to seeing my kids and parents, my house, my own bed and a hot bath.


Denise said...

I can't wait for you guys to be home too! Will be praying for a good trip with the girls... and we'll see you at the airport tomorrow!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

I've loved following your journey to Zoe and I have SO missed you posting this past few days.

I can see some major changes in Zoe, she is so so beautiful! In fact, both girls are absolutely adorable in their matching tutu pajama sets.

Can't wait to have you all home - you must miss your kiddies.


Monica said...

Love the tutu jammies! That photo of them looking in the mirror is so cute. We got travel dates today and I already packed the girls' dressup tutus. You know... the important things! I've loved following your blog during your trip. Zoe sounds delightful and, just right under the circumstances. Things will be easier to deal with once you get her home and in her new environment. Hugs to you as you travel home!

Beth said...

Safe travels. Can't believe it's been two weeks already! Lovely pics of the palace...more memories for us.