Friday, November 19, 2010

Home safe

We are home despite 2 delays and slippery roads, safely. Now hopefully we can sleep.


Marie said...

Thank God! Praying you can feel refreshed and energized soon. I realized after I read the post that you were delayed that I was awake that night...I finally asked God why he was keeping me awake. It was then that I felt an urgency to pray for you. Only later did I realize it was at the exact time that you were delayed. Isn't God awesome?!

Monica said...

Sweet dreams and welcome home! We're going to need to see some photos of the whole family together in a few days.

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Welcome home Zoe!

An answer to pray indeed. Now praying you can all sleep and beat that jetleg soon.


Monica said...

Welcome home! I hope our awful weather wasn't too much of a shock to you all. Sweet dreams!

The Denis Family said...

welcome back!!! Hope you get rested soon!

Beth said...

So good to hear - not nice to come back to this! Hope your settling in/time adjusting goes well:)

Bianca said...

Welcome home! What a great feeling to be home safely with your little girl (I know how that feels ;-)
I am looking forward to see pictures of the complete family!

Canada to China and back! said...

Welcome home Zoe!! Hope the jetlag is not so bad.


Mamá Gringa said...

OMG! You are home! I have totally missed it all! Congratulations on bringing your beautiful girl home. xo