Monday, November 29, 2010

The Perfect Photo

Some of my blogger friends like Jill and Monica, have been talking about capturing the perfect Christmas photo of their kids. These woman are two of my favorite photographers! Christmas feels like it is sneaking up on me fast and so I haven't been too creative with my photography this year. I needed quick, wintery, clear photos of my kids for our card and these are what I got. Simple and clear shots of my kids in all of their beauty!







And a couple that didn't make the cut... but I love them anyway.




Canada to China and back! said...

Too cute! You can see a little of each of your kids personalities! They a great Paige!


Colin and Jill Canada said...

I really really want to know how you get your children's beautiful eyes looking like glass. Honestly, I droll over that aspect of photography that I can only get once in a blue moon.

Love these photos, and I love the girlies hats. You have such a way of photographing each of them for who they are. Perfect.


PS - I too am a fan of your photography Paige, I really think we all learn from each other which is great. But you missed the words amateur, wishful thinking, very much in training, SO much to learn, front of the word 'photographer' in your blog post. :)

Danae said...

With 6 subjects as stunning, handsome and cute as your kiddos are, I think it would be hard NOT to take the perfect picture!

Monica said...

These are beautiful, Paige! I love the simplicity of each portrait: it really lets each child's face tell the story of who they are.

How the heck do you get your kids to look so directly (and soulfully!) at the camera? Mine rarely look directly at the camera and then usually only if they are mugging for it. Sigh.

This is my favourite portrait of Zoe so far, and that one of Lilah is a close favourite for sure. Such sweeties!

ps - thank you for your kind words but I omigosh, I have a lot to learn! I'm glad we have each other to share ideas and techniques. You are one of my favourite photogs too!

Denise said...

I love how Micah's eyes match perfectly with his toque! These are beautiful.