Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Summer Palace

Today, we went to the summer palace. It is such a beautiful place, but today was a very cold day and that made it not very pleasant. Tomorrow, we are going to shop ALL DAY. Hopefully we will find some good deals on some of the items we are looking for.

I am tired and cold and am going to go have a hot bath now that the girls are asleep.

Enjoy the pictures!

PS she is not actually kissing me. I was feeding her fishy crackers...best I can do at this point.


Dixie-Lee said...

Very nice pictures and so nice to see that Zoe is starting to take to Tim -- even if it is only fishy crackers. Soon it will be a kiss. Have a great trip home and I have so enjoyed following your trip through your blogs and pictures. Looking forward to seeing pictures once you get home and Zoe gets to meet her big sister and all her brothers.

Marie said...

Those pictures really make me want to see it all again...amazing to think I've been there! And now I get to go again! I'm sure Zoe will take to Tim in no time at all...she's already come a long way. Blessings!

Monica said...

Gorgeous photos! Thinking of you all.

Canada to China and back! said...

Stunning pictures! Sorry it was so cold! It was a massive downpour when we went! Such a beautiful place!