Thursday, December 23, 2010


Two of my favorite shots this vacation.


My mom...


We had a wonderful vacation in Atlantis in the Bahamas.



Zoe has such a zest for life! It was amazing to watch her as she took everything in with complete awe. She loved everything about this vacation. The aquariums, the beaches, the pools and the food. She swims like a little fish... jumping and floating and drinking a lot of water, which caused a few issues, but luckily, she wasn't the cause of any of the daily "code browns" in the kiddie pool.


bw lilah

Lilah has a very different personality than Zoe. She loved having grandma and grandpa along, so they could spoil her and she could have a break from mom and dad. She needed some encouragement to go in the water, but when she gets in, she is a little fish as well. She just freezes when she gets out.




You can rent "the bridge" room for $25,000 per night...






Remember being so absolutely beautiful? No... me either!

abby collage

Tim and the boys love to rock climb and attempted these walls a few times. Tim even climbed the naked wall.



And then there is Josiah. He is in his element here. When the last day arrives, he has to soak everything in one last time and becomes somewhat forlorn.



Tim and him went snorkeling in the aquarium one afternoon, where they swam with manta rays, sting rays, zebra sharks and hundreds of other fish.


Micah had a blast staying in the room with his grandma and grandpa. He seems to have kept them laughing and he and his grandpa get along very well with a lot of laughs.


We can hardly wait to go back!



Beth said...

What a great way to ease into Christmas! Looks like an awesome time:) Have a blessed Christmas. I bet it is so special with Zoe home now.

teresa said...

Looks like a fantastic vacation! I have to admit, however, that my mind went to strange places when you mentioned a naked climbing wall - took me a second to sort that one out!

Danae said...

I'm with Teresa on that whole naked wall thing! I had to read that part a few times and look at the pics to figure that all out.
Wishing you a wonderfully blessed Christmas, your first as a family of 8.

The Drinkwaters said...

What a great time you all had to rest, relax and have fun together! Welcome back to snowy Canada!

Canada to China and back! said...

Wow, Paige that looks amazing! It looks like all of the kids had a blast! Don't you find it gets difficult at times, to find vacations that everyone will enjoy?
Hope you have a blessed Christmas. I have missed you! With both you and Jill gone I was a little forlorn waiting for you to post! Just Kidding :)


Marie said...

What a nice way to reconnect, and bond with your family! God Bless you all!

Monica said...

Welcome back! I missed you! Your vacation sounds amazing and your photos are gorgeous. I too love that one of your mom. It's so serene. And Abby! She is so beautiful. If she doesn't already love these pics of her, she will some day!

Bonnie Brentnall said...

Looks amazing! We were going to go last year but decided on Cuba instead. Wish we had went. Maybe we can all connect with a medical conference sometime. Merry Christmas !

Meaklims said...

We were at the Atlantis about 5 years ago, it is absolutely fabulous.

Your holiday looks fabulous though your amazing pictures. And that photo of your Mum is simply regal, it is stunning. You need to put it in for an award. Wow.

Love the little girls in their bathing suits, they are just so sweet and perfect.