Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Month with Zoe


By choice, we have become a family, first in our hearts, and finally in breath and being. Great expectations are good; great experiences are better. -- Richard Fischer, adoptive parent


Zoe has amazed us with how well she has done with all of these changes. She fits right into this family and it feels like she has always belonged here. She runs around the house laughing and we laugh too, because her laugh is contagious. Lilah and Zoe play really well together for the most part. Zoe needs her space though, and Lilah doesn't always give it too her. Which can result in some hitting (and once even biting). She does still get upset if we don't give her food that she wants when she wants it, even if it is 2 minutes until supper. We distract her, by giving her a job to do, such as setting the table with her plate and fork.


Zoe still very much prefers her Mommy to anyone and gets somewhat jealous if anyone else tries to cuddle with me. She is slowly opening up more to Tim, on her own terms, but she will let him carry her, play with her, dance with her and feed her. She is willing to leave me in the house to go do errands with Daddy. And he is Daddy, not Baba. She is a complete girly girl. She loves jewellery, purses, dolls and lip smackers. She loves to help us do things, like emptying the dishwasher and cleaning up. She did go through a little stage where she would whine and cry for supper, not understanding that I actually need to prepare and cook it first. She was probably used to just having the food come to her, ready to eat! She now likes to sit on the counter and watch me cook or bake.


Zoe is walking much better and is doing the stairs in our house without any issues now. She will eat pretty much whatever we give her. She will reach up to be carried or held and to give kisses or ask for kisses. She will snuggle right into my neck, with her arms tight around me. I still lay down with her until she is asleep, but she is now in her big girl bed and is starting to stay there most nights without coming to sleep in our room. It is hard to tell in what areas she is delayed at this point. Until we can communicate, it will be hard to know. She does act more like a baby in many ways, then Lilah ever did, but that is okay with us, at this point. She has a very short attention span. She will not sit to read books. She is now willing to look at cardboard books, that have things she can feel or move. She tears paper books apart. She doesn't have a lot of boundaries yet and seems to think that everything she sees, is hers for the taking. Lypsol, daddy's watch, keys, ipods, etc.


She is copying a lot of English. She seems to understand most of what we are saying to her and will follow instructions willingly. She is not speaking a lot of English yet, other than Mommy, Daddy, up, please, thank you, all gone, no and all of the kids names. She is still throwing temper tantrums, when she doesn't get her way, or she will try to pout and whine to get her way. We are working through this by ignoring the tantrums and getting her to use her manners to get what she wants. She is willing to cooperate. This is really our only issue with her and I consider it pretty minor, considering that for 3 years she did this in the orphanage.


What a little gift she is! We take joy in everything about her. She is strong and brave and loving. And she is loved.
Let go of your ambitions. Come let's change the world. -- St. Francis Xavier


Dixie-Lee said...

Such beautiful smiles -- her eyes just sparkle. I am so very happy for you and glad to hear that things are coming along.

Colin and Jill Canada said...

She's just beautiful and it looks like she is settling in perfectly.

Like the previous commenter said, her eyes sparkle, she just has that glow of love and happiness about her.

Have a wonderful vacation in the Bahamas and a wonderful Christmas as well. I think I've decided not to blog while on holiday!

Take care.

The Drinkwaters said...

Yey - one month together! Glad to hear that things are moving along. It sounds like you are doing a great job meeting her needs and helping her to move forward!

The Denis Family said...

She is very pretty in pink!

Canada to China and back! said...

Wow! One month already! She is as sweet as sweet could be! I love hearing what she is doing....we had similar behaviours at first espically at dinner time :) Thanks for the email, your encouragement and wise words were very much appreciated.


Mamá Gringa said...

What a little beauty! So glad to have been able to hear about how Zoe is doing. Enjoy the holidays!

Marie said...

What a beautiful girl. Glad things are going well!