Monday, January 24, 2011

It is all about the BLING


Zoe loves pretty things. The minute she wakes up in the morning, she puts on necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets and clips in her hair.

DSC_0074 DSC_0073 DSC_0070

We have noticed that Zoe often walks around and will motion like she is flipping her very long hair back over her shoulders. In her mind she must have long and beautiful hair!


I often find her in her closet searching for the pinkest and fluffiest clothing she can find, which usually means she tries to put on Lilah's princess pyjamas. When I put on my make up, Zoe must have some eyeshadow too.

DSC_0047 DSC_0061 DSC_0049

Lilah loves pretty things too, just not quite as much as Zoe does. She does it more because Zoe is doing it. Lilah prefers to have her fingernails painted by Abby, in as many colors possible.


DSC_0077 DSC_0095 DSC_0038-1

These are the things I missed about little girls.


The Drinkwaters said...

I can't wait until Sylvie or Mary will sit still long enough for me to paint their finger or toe nails! Your girls are looking beautiful as always!

the meaklims said...

Oh my goodness! I am absolutely dying here. Is she sweet or is she sweet?!

What a fantastic set of photos Paige! One of my favourites, well they're all seriously beautiful, but the second one, (or the first small one in the three-in-a-row set), with Zoe holding her hand out to the camera - beautiful.

She suits bling! And it's absolutely sweet that she pretends to flick her hair. That made me grin!


Monica said...

Oh, I just love that attitude in the first pic! All the photos are gorgeous and sweet, though. I love the colours.

Zoe sounds like so much fun. And omigosh, your speculation that she imagines she has long hair ... that is classic.

Marie said...

Love the puckered lips! Awesome to see both girls having so much fun!

Canada to China and back! said...

Great pics Paige! They certainly put a smile on my face. I always love me a girly girl! I definetly have one (Riley) Addy not so much :)


Danae said...

I love Lilah's style....sometimes less is more:)

I look forward to following Zoe and her hairstyles (& accessories) as her hair grows out!