Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Number 6


Basketball season is almost over. I love watching my girl play sports! It keeps life crazy busy, but I am thankful for active kids.


Picnik collage2

Abby's team is not doing very well this year. But they play very hard. Abby is great at defense! She can be a little scary even... she grits her teeth and waves her very long arms and is right in their faces... She can get very aggressive.


Picnik collage

We are thankful for her high school, for the opportunities it has given her. We are thankful that we have a happy 15 year old girl!



the meaklims said...

I love that second shot! So poignant and beautiful.

I think it is great when kids enjoy being active - there is nothing better than a healthy active child.

Go # 6!


Marie said...

I love the expression in Abby's face...being tenacious is a good trait to have!