Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Updates and a Black Eye

Tim is recovering well and not in much pain, as long as he stays on Advil. Some family requested a photo of him with his black eye. So here you all go.


Lilah is doing amazingly well so far. The second and third day after her surgery, she was very swollen and couldn't even turn her neck, but she was in no pain and needed no pain medication. The swelling has now gone down and she is just on the antibiotics they gave her for a week. At this point, it doesn't really look all that different than the other side of her face, just a bit more swollen. You can't tell that there is a tissue expander in there at all, unless you look behind her ear at the stitches and where the port is under the skin. Her first check up and fill will be on April 6 th.



Marie said...

I laughed when I saw Tim's shinner...mean I know, but what a beauty! Go easy on the eye shadow next time Tim! LOL! Seriously though, I'm glad to hear Josiah and Tim are doing fine!
Lilah is looking great. Glad to hear she is not in pain. She has the most precious serious expression...reminds me of Alex at that age.
We will continue to pray for Tim's partner. Thanks for the update.

Tina Michelle said...

Wow, that black eye is something else. Reading through what they went through for the test is crazy! That sounds so hard. Your guys pulled through like champs! wow. I did not know it was like that. I will keep the other guy in my thoughts. Lilah looks so adorable.

the meaklims said...

I was wondering if Lilah commiserates with Tim, because they both have a sore eye together?

I know Lilah latches on to anything that she has 'the same' as us - right now she has a slight cold and you should hear her love on all the sympathy. A few days ago she wanted me to read her a book and I didn't have time and told her that, she replied "But I'm a wee sick girl, I need you to read it for me to fall asleep!"

Haha! Surrrrrre!

Lilah looks super, like you said, you'd never know there was an expander in there at all. I'm sure the swelling is very painful though, poor sweetheart. Glad to hear Tim is improving, thank goodness it wasn't worse - I hope that doesn't sound mean of me because I know he is in pain and it's bad enough, but gosh, it could have been so much worse.


Ellie said...

wow that is a shiner! kinda cute though huh?!

sweet Lilah - she is just precious! no, I can't even imagine how an expander works!

Have a great day!

xo ellie