Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday Fun


Picnik collage4

Yesterday, the girls went to a friends Dora the Explorer birthday party. My friend Rachel went all out on this party! It was beautiful and the girls had so much fun.


They had to dress up in their tutu's and find their butterfly wings.

Picnik collage

Picnik collage5

Jenaya (who turned four) is one pretty little girl.

Picnik collage2

Picnik collage3

Both Lilah and Zoe's 4th birthday are coming quickly and I think this party got them even more excited for their party in a couple of weeks. I need to start planning!



The Drinkwaters said...

I can hardly believe they will be four soon! Love the tutu's and butterfly wings!

Marie said...

Love the grin both girls havein the first photo! And the tutus are incredible! I can only imagine the excitement in your house as the girls' birthdays approach. Happy planning!

the meaklims said...

Oh look at those beautiful girls in their tutu's. They look very excited indeed!

I can only imagine the cakes you have planned! Our Lilah wants a Dora one this year!


The Denis Family said...

Love the green nail polish!

Patrick and Christina said...

They are simply adorable!

arnie&bekah said...

They are so precious!!

Denise said...

Rachel sets a high standard for birthday parties! I'm thinking McDonalds might work just fine for us ;)

Monica said...

Awww! The girls look so beautiful in their tutus and butterfly wings! Your photos are so soft and pretty. You always choose such great light, and the catchlights in the girls' eyes are amazing.

I can't wait to see what you plan for their birthdays. I especially look forward to the cake photos. I always marvel at your baking / decorating talents!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Oh how I love the tutus!!! & those smiles in the first & last shots- so precious!