Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sweet Sixteen


Today, my first born turns sixteen. It amazes me how time flies by!



It is so easy to talk about how sweet this girl is. She is strong, athletic, outgoing, beautiful, mature and funny. She is one of the few people that make me laugh until I cry and this truly is an almost daily occurrence in our home.


Abby, these first sixteen years with you have been a true blessing and I can't imagine my life without you. I am so blessed to have you as my daughter and I can hardly wait to see where you will go in the next sixteen years!


We had her favorite friends over for supper, movies and a sleepover. Abby requested Knoephla and Sauerkraut for her dinner, with a pretty cake for dessert. A lot of candy, pop and chips and some good movies... even a very special fairytale wedding to watch!


Her friends also wanted to do another photo shoot this year. They are all beautiful and amazing girls, so how could I say no? Even though it does feel like a lot of pressure. This year the theme is Natural Beauty.






This summer Abby will be going to Germany with her friend Meike, who is an exchange student. After a couple of weeks there, she will fly to Vienna and join up with two other friends (one of their dad's has a conference) and she will spend five days there.


Abby is blessed with some beautiful and amazing friends!


arnie&bekah said...

Wow, those girls are so beautiful!!!! Happy Birthday Abby!!!!! THe pictures are amazing!

Danae said...

A special day for a special girl.

Those girls are beautiful……and so is that cake!

Happy Sweet Sixteen Abby!

the meaklims said...

Lovely cake, lovely friends, beautiful daughter. I love that she makes you laugh to you cry, that is one of the best parts of being a parent! The love and joy you share together is so evident.

Now it's time for the drivers licence!

Happy 16 Abby!


Monica said...

Happy Sweet Sixteen to Abby!

The girls are all gorgeous and so is your photography! You did a great job of capturing their natural and youthful beauty. I bet they love these photos; if not now, they certainly will when they are my age!!

Rich, Jenn, Maisie, and David said...

Very sweet pictures of Abby, so fitting :) Paige your photography is impressive!!

Tina Michelle said...

You are an amazing photographer. I need to take lessons from you! Your daughter is gorgeous and sounds like such a super sweet young woman. Her trip sounds so fun. I love the pics of her friends!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday Abby! This girl will go far in life!