Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zoe's 4th Birthday


Today, Zoe turns four years old! What a blessing it is to have her as a daughter.

*the crown is from Baby Be Blessed.

We had to celebrate last night, because our Wednesday's are a little crazy and we are not all home at the same time. We will be heading to West Edmonton Mall to the Disney Store for a special shopping trip this morning...



There are so many unknowns regarding Zoe's past. Is this even her true birthday? Unlikely. No one knows. We have so little information from her first 3 1/2 years. Not even a photo.


All I know is that my heart goes out to her Chinese family at this time of year. Her birth mother must be thinking about her and wondering where she is. How I wish she could know how loved she is, that she has every opportunity available to her, that she has the best health care in the world, that she has five siblings who love and adore her, that she will be seeing much of the world, that she lives in a big, beautiful house and has the prettiest clothes. That she has parents who love her with all their hearts. That she is safe.


Picnik collage3


Zoe loved all of her gifts. She got a pedal-less bike, a Baby Be Blessed doll with her life verse on it, some farm animals and some calico critter toys.

Picnik collage

Zoe said "Mommy, I love my birthday!"

Picnik collage2


Lilah and Zoe will be having a joint birthday party in two weeks (Lilah's birthday is May 16th). We also have Abby turning Sweet Sixteen on Friday and Josiah turning 13 on Monday. It is a crazy week.


This verse is stitched on the Baby Be Blessed Doll. It is the verse that God gave me during our wait for Zoe.

"I rejoice in your strength Lord. How great is my Joy in the victories You give! You have granted me my heart's desire and have not withheld the requests of my lips. You came to greet me with rich blessings and placed a crown of pure gold on my head. I asked you for LIFE and You gave HER to me. I trust in You, through Your unfailing love I will not be shaken. Be exalted in your strength, Lord I will sing and praise your might." -- Psalm 21


Danae said...
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Danae said...

Happy Birthday Zoe!

The look on her face in that first picture of her and Tim is priceless!

After reading about how many birthday celebrations you have in the next few weeks, I will never complain about one of my girls having a birthday 17 days after Christmas.

Marie said...

What a crazy birthday season! Love the pictures of Zoe with her Daddy...precious! Also love the verse!

the meaklims said...

Happy 4th Birthday Zoe!

She is such a precious girl, I love those shots of her with the happy birthday banner. She is beyond beautiful...truly.

And I absolutely adore that verse you were given during the wait. It is so perfect in every way.


Denise said...

So beautiful, Paige! I love the verse and the doll that looks like her...

Dixie-Lee said...

Happy Birthday Zoe.

Love from your great-aunt Dixie

Monica said...

Happy Birthday lovely Zoe! Gorgeous photos, as always!! Love Zoe's expression in the photo with Tim. I'm hoping to order some of the Baby be blessed dolls for our girls in the fall. Zoe's verse is beautiful. With all the birthdays going on in your house, I hope you can enjoy yourself a little, too. :)

Marie said...

I've been thinking about what you said about all the unknowns and the reality that our children have a Chinese family whose hearts must ache with fear, longing and numerous other emotions. I do not allow myself to think about this too is simply too painful for me to know that somewhere another parent also loves my child...and hurts with longing...all I can do is pray that somehow God will let them know that their children are loved and well cared for...and I dream of someday being able to tell them so! Praying that we all find peace inspite of all the unknowns.

Rich, Jenn, Maisie, and David said...

How sweet Paige! My heart melted when I read that she told you she loves her birthday. I can only imagine all the things it means to her. What a beautiful and simple cake. Hope this week is a blessing and in all the busyness and preparations for each event you can breathe and enjoy and savor these times and the kids. The new blog header is great, I love it!

Patrick and Christina said...

Happy Birthday Zoe! My gosh Paige you are busy with birthdays in the next few weeks! Hope you find time to breathe and soak in all the special moments.

This is such a sweet post! I love the photo of her in pretty pink dress with the crown she looks like a little sweet! "God is able" is such a truth we all need in our lives. What a neat idea.

p.s. Thanks for posting the babybeblessed dolls website I have been looking for a special asian doll for our little girl. These fit the bill perfectly!

The Drinkwaters said...

I too, love the picture where she is staring up looking to is priceless...

Happy 4th Birthday Zoe from Mary and Sylvie!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday to Zoe!

It looks like she had an amazing birthday!!! I love her expression in that photo with Tim as she is looking at her new doll - priceless!

Did you make that banner yourself? It is sooooo pretty! Your photos are all fantastic: so colourful yet soft and girly.

Tina Michelle said...

SUch a lovely post! I love her little smile. That cake looks delicious! That is a lot of bdays so close together. Your pictures are gorgeous, as usual. Thanks for sharing!