Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Disney Store and a doctor update


We almost didn't make it to the Disney Store on Lilah's birthday... due to one of her stubborn streaks that morning. Eventually, she decided to cooperate and we headed out. Lilah chose this princess sundress and a very large and loud singing Ariel doll.

Yesterday, we saw the plastic surgeon for a check up. The fills are done! He now wants her tissue expander to sit there for eight weeks and we should be hearing about a surgery date soon. We do know that everything will not be done at once, so there will be a few surgeries.

The first surgery should improve her looks as the Opthamologist fixes her eye and the Plastic Surgeon fills some of the sunken area with fat and tissue.

They want to fix her nose on the right side as well and this will likely be the most difficult area to fix. They take some of the cartilage from her ear to do this and right now the cartilage is just too soft, she needs to be a little bit older. Also, the craniofacial surgeon will want to do a bone graft in her facial cleft at some point, but right now feels that she is too small.


Zoe loves to dress up. Her favorite pick from her shopping trip at the Disney Store was these shoes. She wears them all day, everyday and begs to wear them out of the house. They even have a little heel. She also got this veil for her birthday and wears it all the time... she even tried to wear it to church.

You can always tell when Zoe is feeling pretty. She will twirl around, put her hands on her hips and pose. You would think she is a runway model.


the meaklims said...

Love the Disney Store items your girls chose! They're definitely not the same! That Zoe girl has developed an early shoe fetish! Hehe! I love it.

Lilah has a long road ahead of her, it's a lot for a little girl. But she's got an inner strength and courage that would show some adults up, myself incuded. She'll be in our thoughts and prayers every step of the way.


Ellie said...

Such adorable outfits on your beautiful girls!! I love that photo of Zoe! She looks impish :) I can imagine her runway modeling lol!

praying for sweet Lilah. I feel for her, sweet girl. she must be stinkin' strong. as we say around here "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" or maybe "God works most effectively through our sufferings" but that is not much fun is it?

thinking of you and remembering you in my prayers!

xo ellie

Denise said...

So glad Lilah's fills are done! She is such a trooper. And hard to believe she has been home for 2 years already!

Danae said...

Love those Disney purchases!

I still have Lilah's name in my prayer journal....she is very much in my thoughts and prayers.

Marie said...

Oh...I know all about those "little" stubborn streaks! Glad you could still go and enjoy the wonderful Disney store.

The Drinkwaters said...

Your little princesses are very cute! Hoping you hear soon about a surgery date...

Patrick and Christina said...

What beautiful girls! Love their dresses and how unique their birthday purchases were!

I am so glad to hear Lilah's fills are done! She will definitely be in our thoughts and prayers. I am sure her stubborness will come in handy at some point. It just needs good direction and aim...and you and Tim are just the parents she needs!

Keep us posted with the surgery date.

Monica said...

Yay for being done the fills! I'll be praying that Lilah continues to be a trooper for the series of surgeries ahead of her.

Such cute purchases the girls made at the D store. And I love that little veil! Zoe and Claire sound like they are similar in the dressup department!