Monday, May 16, 2011

Lilah is Four!


Today, Lilah is four years old! After having Zoe's birthday, Abby's birthday and Josiah's birthday, this has been a long wait for her.



Once again... we will head to the Disney Store at West Edmonton Mall and having a little shopping spree just for her!



Lilah is such a sweet little girl. She is quite mature for her age and often surprises me by speaking like a little adult. She is one smart girl and amazes everyone around her! She loves to sing and sings right on key. She is very brave and has overcome many issues in her young life.



Lilah has been in our lives for almost two years (we just missed her second birthday when we went to get her) and we can't imagine life without her.



Lilah's verse on her new doll - the verse given to me the day we received her referral.

"The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." -- 1 Samuel 16:7


Dixie-Lee said...

A very Happy Birthday to Lilah. She is such a little sweetheart.

Mrs C said...

Happy Birthday Lilah. you are a very precious little girl and you deserve a great celebration with your family. God bless. Sending Birthday hugs all the way from Ireland for you :) x

Monica said...

Happy 4th birthday, miss Lilah! Beautiful dress and gorgeous photos as always. I Samuel 16:7 is one of my favorite verses, too.

Tina Michelle said...

such sweet pictures! Happy Birthday to your sweetheart!

Patrick and Christina said...

Happy 4th Birthday Lilah...sweet brave little girl!

Beautiful photo's once again!

Shawna said...

Happy birthday sweet Lilah girl!!!!!! I remember when you put up her verse and referal photo and she's just as beautiful now!

Danae said...

Happy Birthday Lilah! What a strong & beautiful girl you are!

I know I always comment on your birthday posts about the beautiful and amazing cakes that you have for your kiddos so I probably sound like a broken record but that cake of Lilah’s is just too cute. I may just have to copy it next year for Reagan!

the meaklims said...

Aww, happy 4th birthday Lilah! A special day for a very special girl who is beautiful, inside and out.

Jill xox

The Drinkwaters said...

Happy Birthday Lilah! Sylvie hopes you had lots of fun and got to blow out all the candles.

Beth said...

Wow, the verse nearly made me cry:) I am old and so I didn't remember from your post for her referral! She is a strong sweet girl. Happy 4th Lilah. Have a great time buying out the Disney store. Ava would love to hear what you bring home:)

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Lilah! I loved reading about her personality. and the scripture verse God gave you. she is making a difference in so many lives already - what a destiny she has!

4 is such a fun fun age! I will be sad for 5 to come for my baby and I'm sure you will be also.

xo ellie

Monica said...

Happy birthday, Lilah!! It's your turn at last!

Paige, I love the new look to your blog. Beautifully done!